How Many Americans Will Trump Sacrifice For His Economy?

Donald Trump wants to reopen the country to get his economy back up. He is willing to sacrfice American lives, for a higher GDP?

Mayor's Vision For America Brings You Up & Trump Down (w/ Mark Gamba )

Mayor Mark Gamba of Milwaukee, OR, (D-OR) joined Thom to share how his campaign is organizing during this historic time, why tax breaks for billionaires don't work, and why a rent freeze and the Green New Deal are the ways to start an economy!

The Thom Hartmann Program 4/17/2020

-- Professor Richard Wolff - Will we ever get back to "normal" again and, if so, what will that look like & what path will get us there?

If Trump Was In Charge During WWII...

What would the world be like today if Donald Trump was in charge during WWII? One Caller's thought experiment shows just how bad, Donald Trump is

How Half A Century Of Republican Planning Led Us To Trump

Is Donald Trump the culmination of over 40 years of Republican plans to deregulate and privatize the economy?

Have We Already Lost Our Democracy?

Donald Trump controls the courts, and the courts might decide that democracy is a thing of the past if Trump uses this opportunity to steal the 2020 election.

Trump Set To Punish States For Not Reopening States?

Trump aims his anger at Democratic governors who have banded together to save their people on their own. If Trump can't take credit for it, he will stop it.

Seeing Through Trump’s Lies (w/ Dr. Bandy Lee)

Is Donald Trump and his lies going downhill, or uphill? Seeing through It depends on your perspective. It seems he is blaming the governors, while his mental state seems to be very questionable.

Is Trump's Response To COVID-19 an Attack Against The Poor?

Donald Trump's response to COVID-19 is such an attack on the poor that one caller is calling it a genocide!

Exposing Trump's New Eugenics!

Are we seeing the start of a new kind of Eugenics from the Trump administration?

The Three Options To End Quarantine No Is Discussing!

How will quarantine come to an end? with major changes to our system or millions of dead Americans?

Is It Too Late To Lockdown New York?

New York has too many cases of COVID-19 for lockdown to be effective anymore... and this can happen in all over the United States if we don't stop COVID-19

Are Republicans Trying To Scare YOU Away From Voting In November?

Social Distancing could make American tradition deadly, Voting requires us to gather in large groups, go out in public but with COVID-19 pandemic, doing so coulc be deadly, and this could be just what the republicans want!

Is The Next Pandemic Already On Your Plate? (w/ Zach Corrigan)

As America becomes the world's epicenter
for covid-19 Zach Corrigan explores how
zoonodic diseases are a product of capitalist production.

Trump's Sinophobia Fueling Violent Attacks Against Asian People (w/ Congressmember Jayapal)

Trump's anti-Chinese sentiment is fueling violent attacks against Asian people in America, over fears of COVID-19,

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What Can We Learn From a 17% drop in Greenhouse Gas Emissions During the Coronavirus?

On the Science Revolution - President of Mercy For Animals, Leah Garcés drops by about the millions of animals that will be culled by suffocation, drowning, and shooting. She is concerned about the inhumane way we are dealing with the closure of meat plants and so am I.

Author & Professor, Seth Abramson is here on Trump's taking dangerous drugs during the Coronavirus pandemic- and why! And finally, Sierra Club's Ben Cushing is talking to me about the banks under fire for fossil fuel financing - when will it end?

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How Do We End the Looting?

Thom plus logo Looting is the word of the day, on the lips of every newscaster, the president, and elected officials across the country. And, indeed, looting is a major problem in America.
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