How Republicans Are Cutting Democratic Power

Democratic governors with Republican legislators are being systematically blocked by

Why Democracy Is Impossible Without an Honest Media

How can we have a democracy without a free and open press and how can we have a free press if they are beholden to the billionaires?

Unregulated Capitalism Is Killing Young Americans

Unregulated capitalism is killing young Americans, and it all started with Ronald Wilson Reagan.

The Inalienable Rights Of Nature! w/Mari Margil

Everyone has heard of State's rights, but What rights does nature have and have we been infringing on them?

Can We End Voter Purges Prior To 2020 Election? w/Greg Palast

Ending voter suppression, or preventing your vote being purged is so important as the 2020 election draws closer.

Will You Be Locked up If Trump Is Reelected?

A Trump reelection could put you and your family in danger!

The Thom Hartmann Program (Full Show) 11/27/2019

Congressman Mark Pocan takes your calls!
Greg Palast teams up with Stacey Abrams to Restore Voting Rights
Mari Margil on the Rights of Nature.
Are Reaganomics Hurting young people?

Should Healthcare Be Nationalized?

One Caller thinks Healthcare should be completely nationalized and cites some interesting sources for why.

Iran Warns U.S. & Allies! "We Will Destroy You"

After suffering from Trump's massive sanctions and internal protests, Iran warns United States to back off or be destroyed.

How Oligarchs Could Start A Second Civil War!

Oligarchs could ignite a second civil war?

Did Donald Trump Pardon a War Criminal?

How should the government treat its military when they cross the line? Did Donald Trump just pardon a war criminal?

Will Devin Nunes End up in Jail?

Nunes was In on the conspiracy he Claims doesn't exist? Now it looks like he can end up in jail!

How Democracy Turns to Oligarchy!

How Billionaires took revenge and turned democracy into oligarchy and how we can bring it back!

The Big Lie: Exposing Trump's Dangerous Strategy

Donald Trump is following an old script, lie to the people to stay in power. How Far Will It Go?

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What Else Are We missing? Impeachment Should Include All of Trump's Crimes

Thom plus logo Donald Trump has threatened the fate and future of human civilization by joining with fossil fuel industry billionaires in denying climate change.
-- He has threatened world peace by upending our alliances with other democratic nations and aligning himself with dictators, murderers and autocrats.
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