May 2010

Taking Action, Fighting back

Hit them where it hurts, naturally. The paycheck. The support, the respect given when they berate and barrage us yet again. Our positive actions are stopped COLD by the opposition. Take out this opposition. Attack on all fronts. Do not let their FEAR cause you to be discouraged, in YOUR EFFORTS. Instead on ending an action with, oh, big surprise we lost again.

Oil spill and the party of no

The BP oil spill is polluting and destroying our precious environment and I equate the Republican party of no, fox news, beck, limbaugh ugh ugh with the oil spill. They are polluting our democracy with their lies and hate and seditious rhetoric. They are the oil spill on land as BP is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.


Moral Capital

May 19

A Capital Idea Part 7: Moral Capital

We have probably all heard the term "moral authority" on occasion. I submit here that there is such a thing as moral capital, which may be more important ultimately than financial capital, and which, neglecting as it seems to be in our nation currently, leads to disaster.

Chris Dodd backs down on attempts to kill reform!

We made Dodd back down on his Manager's Amendment, but the Senate is still trying to find ways to water down and/or kill real financial reform. I just made the calls to my Senators, Boxer and Feinstein, did you? The pressure is working, and our voices matter. If we want our representatives to find their spines and huevos rancheros, then we need to show them the meaning of democracy. Tag--You're It!

tea party horse #@%$ progressives won

lets see the big tea party win rand paul im not sure but when i went to bed more dems got more votes than he did if that stuck thats huge.murthers seat stayed dem. can you imagine the so called liberal press would have said if that was reversed. and 2 conservative dems got beat by more progressive canidates.its really getting obvious that abc nbc cbs are tea party eqivalents to fox for the cons.also lets call the tea party what it is the p party cause pity is what it all about come on every one 1-2-3- awwwwwwwww. peace ron

Taking action

Thom, I say this cause I love you. Invoke the Mystic Law. You will get tired of hearing me say this, cause the "beatings will continue." I'm saying to do from personal first hand experience. If we all FEEL DEFEATED, how will we ever have the STRENGTH to overcome it all? Chanting is one FAST ans SURE FIRE way to DO THIS. Gotta get yourself RIGHT, first. That's what comes next. Now, I know we are all HARD SELLS, and so I've been at work to provide an EXAMPLE, that we can all readily see, and watch the progression in others, when

Top 10 Solutions to Avoid Online Scams When Using Vehicle Auctions

If you want to shop for a new or used vehicle via [edited by administrator], it would make sense to acquaint yourself with the top 10 methods to avoid online scams. Of course, not all online auction sites like Yahoo Auctions and Ebay will lead you into a financial quagmire if you try to buy a auto at auction. These retailers have security protocols in place to protect consumers from fraud, but no means of online fraud protection is impregnable. To best protect yourself, you should use common techniques like these.

Europe Understands Financial Institutions!

Thank you to Louise Hartmann for keeping financial service reform on the front page. The EU today (5/18) recommended signficant changes to the regulation of hedge funds. Regulations that allow the funds to exist, but places limits on naked shorts, are reasonable and worthy of a worldwide discussion. With this move, the main excuse for non-action on financial regulation in the U.S. is removed. Instead, the BBC reported that the Obama White House rejected them out of hand. At least London was a bit more diplomatic.

Something Smells in the Gulf

A few states have primaries today…may the best democrat win. Hopefully Cheney will go 0-3 for his endorsements. Speaking of Cheney, oil is still gushing out of a hole BP poked in the Gulf of Mexico. No wait, the execs said that a pipe is now siphoning off 1,000 barrels a day to the surface, a mile up. Lemme see, the best estimates put the amount of the oil pumped to the surface at 2% which still leaves…lemme calculate…98% still shooting into the water. WTF? Now what? Seems that the petroleum industry spends a ton o' money on perfecting drills but little or no on catastrophic blow outs.

In A Perfect World - Part Two

In the back of my own mind, what's left that's still functioning, I dream. Not so much a Susan Boyle dream, but a dream nonetheless. Like the last time I did this, if I were the king…of…the…forest…these are some of the things I would like to see happen or continue to happen. I'm not selfish, I am just practical trying to put order into my teeny tiny universe. Yes this is what takes up my day for the most part. It's a tough job but someone needs to bring these things to light. Here we go with Part two of my endless parts to make this a more perfect world.

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.