May 2010

The Dispersant is the Smoking Gun

Clean-up with socialism

A little oil-clean-up-socialism is just what I'd like to see instead of more transnational-mega-industry-rat-bastard-bailout-socialism. In the long run I think we need a full time public sector disaster response capability just as we have public fire and police departments. Letting the crooks be the police and the emergency management "deciders" is crazy.

I'm afraid Karl was wrong today

Love this show and when I'm not watching it, I'm listening to it on my car radio. However, today I have to blog for the first time because Karl was wrong today when a listener called in and said Obama was not to blame for this oil spill and Karl agreed that Obama wasn't responsible because he inherited this mess from Bush. That simply is not true. From The Center for Biological Diversity:



Reducing oil spill

If the oil spill isn't stopped completely in the next day, this idea (which I sent to BP) would help prevent any additional damage until the well can be sealed:

Local page for PBS widget showing BP Deep Horizon man-made oil ?volcano?

<iframe src="" height="490" style="align:center;" width="300px" marginheight="5" marginwidth="5" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Copy above to text editor

Save as <filename>.html I called mine Big Pollution.html and saved it to my desktop

Open the local file in your browser to run the PBS widget. Can just double click on file on desktop to open it.

Hemp will set you free


A sixty car train loaded with Hemp seeds destined for Bio Diesel processing at a North Dakota refinery has derailed and seeds are scattered for over half a mile.

The bio-diesel spill from the locomotive has been reported to be extensive but wildlife and domesticated animals appear to be licking up the spill and putting on weight.The

My idea to address the Federal debt.

It's a very simple solution that will never be implemented. Step one, create a new top marginal tax bracket for those who make over $2 million per year and tax that bracket at 50%. Step two, Impose import tariffs on any goods that can be made in this country. This excludes specialty items that are unique to other parts of the world but is calculated at the difference between labor costs in the country of origin and in the US. These two actioins will naturally create inflation, which is a good thing for debtors and not so good for creditors.

Sub-surface oil effects

Hi, About 3 years ago we had a small spill in San Francisco bay. The container ship Cosco Busan hit the bay bridge rupturing the fuel tank.

This was "bunker fuel",a very thick and heavy oil. 50 -80,000 gallons as I recall. Bunker fuel has a tendency to sink over time. Areas of the S.F.

shoreline were coated with some of this oil. Rocky areas with abundant algae, perfect for the herring to spawn. The herring no longer spawn in those areas.

enough said.


Mongrel Fair Trader

How much damage is enough? When is the cost just too… damn high, just too much to bear? Laissez Faire the “Gospel” of the right, the conservative, the republican, the libertarian, the banker, our wonderful under paid CEO.

Rational Visions of Terror

In January 2002, a few months after 9-11, my newly graduated son Sean and I traveled to Derry in Northern Ireland to march in the 30th Anniversary remembrance of the Brit massacre on Bloody Sunday in 1972. By the time we arrived at San Francisco International to take BA to Heathrow we were faced with new security measures. The lines were huge, security officers were overly solicitous and incredibly slow and we had to take off our shoes for inspection.

Memorial Day

Each year at this time we comemmorate those given their lives in defense of our freedom. With absolutely no disrespect to our brave members in the Armed Forces, I'm wondering how many of our armed conflicts in recent years have actually been conducted in the defense of freedom. Our many lives have been tossed away like so much chump change merely for political posturing, greed, land-grabbing or whatever?

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