May 2010

Read The Body Language

Just watched the Public Message, from BP to the world. The kinda apologetic, promising to finally do what is actually RIGHT.

Looking at his body language, all through, he shows several signs that can be read as....well, INSINCERE.

1. Did not look camera/or interviewer right "in the eye" A CLASSIC

2. Did not look entirely COMFY, as in on the "hot" seat CLASSIC

If I were president I would...

Call in Robert Reich, Eliot Spitzer and Ralph Nader, ask them to choose the government position they'd prefer, can those presently occupying those positions and immediately appoint all three of these men to fill those posts giving them as much power as possible with unfettered, direct access to the president.

All addictions are fatal if left unchecked.

It is interesting that addictions are eventually fatal and that an addict has few limits when it comes to feeding that addiction. We have people in "high Places" who are addicted to power and greed and unfortunately, they are taking others with them on their road to destruction. It is so sad but I see our addiction to oil leading to the disaster in the Gulf Coast and the damage and cruelty and loss of life and livlihood are the dues for that addiction.

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The Greeks get it

I've never blogged before, EEeek! I came across a very upsetting piece written Monday by Chris Hedges titled "The Greeks Get It" published on It paints a REALLY bleak picture of the future. I hope you get a chance to read it and then talk about it on your show sometime soon. Below is the article ~ warning, not for the faint of heart!

The McCain/Kerry Dirty Energy Bill

On Monday's show, Thom asked if the Gulf oil disaster is Obama's Katrina. I say yes because even as the oil washes ashore, Obama is pushing for more offshore drilling, along with John Kerry, John McCain, and many mainstream "eco" groups.

Stop using "spill" and "leak" rhetoric!

I propose that we stop using rhetoric like "spill" and "leak" because those terms have the effect of minimizing. How about "The BP Toxic Petroleum Eruption" and note that it is caused by human greed?

BP could be doing more on cleanup

Tom, Mike Papantonio was on Chris Matthews yesterday and he mentioned that BP could, if they wanted to, send out their tankers to vaccuum up the oil to keep it off the beaches and marshlands. But that they weren't doing that because the tankers were already full of oil somewhere and they were waiting until the price went up to empty them! If this is the case, I wish someone could force them to empty those tankers and take their losses, and get those tankers down to the Gulf Coast!

Boycott BP


Just wanted to let you know, the boycott BP facebook page is growing by 1000 fans an hour.

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