June 2010

Gotham City

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DC archetypally is like Gotham City. Obama is stuck with arrows and poisons set on him and his family.

He is also under the spell of the New Democrats. I think we should be attacking Bill Clinton and Rohm Emmanuel.

Supporter of the Middle Class & Unions

Gorgeously Beautiful Sunset, Sunday June 13, 2010

Who tallies SC votes?

Did I hear Thom say that SC votes are tallied in private by an organization that believes that the bible should replace the constitution as US law? If so, what is this organization?

Incident On I-5 June 15, 2010

The sign read: "I AM A MAN"

15jun2010-- ...so, when you had a caller call late in the show today saying he had to "take you to task" and accuse you of saying something to the effect of "50% of white protestants don't consider other people as human." However, he did seem to have misheard you. You did say sortof something similar, but the caller had mangled it a bit, what you said. And the context of your comment was completely missing.

Piling it on

I have been listening to the show less and less lately...including Countdown and Rachel Maddow. In my view Thom has joined the cadre of criticism of the likes of most progressives including Olberman and Maddow. Just listen to the first half hour of their programs lately. It has become relentless.

To what end...perfection? What planet are you living on? I have lived long enought to not expect perfection...from anyone. In fact I have sent at least 25 critical emails to the White House website. But I try to have some context.

Continuing Confusion RE: Oil Spill Volume Estimates

Oil companies don't just pick a spot on the map and drill. Prior to the actual drilling BP would have conducted extensive research to determine the size and capacity of the well. All of this would have been captured in documents they presented to the government as a part of the federal permitting process. Those documents would have also included the volume of oil that would be produced on a daily basis. That is the figure that could have and should have been used from the beginning of the spill.

Absolute Must See Documentary

I saw this last night. I missed it originally. Why did this take so long to be made? Check out where Geitner and Summers were and what they were doing on Clinton's watch. Ayn Rand is in this along with her prized disciple, Alan Greenspan(winner of the National Medal of Freedom?!).

"The Warning" originally on PBS Frontline:


What's To Keep The GOP From registering As Dems?

Just a thought. I'm sure they are thinking of it or doing it. What is to prevent Republicans from registering as Dems, especially in traditional GOP stronghold areas, and then voting in the primaries for the weakest Democratic candidate? It seems easier to control the primaries than regular elections.

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Why Did Cadet Bone Spurs Go to the Hospital?

Thom plus logo Not many people are buying Trump's story that he just kind of on a whim, decided to go visit Walter Reed Hospital in a motorcade without even first calling his doctor because he thought it would be a good time to start his February annual check up.

The two most prominent theories right now are that