July 2010

Inspection- Of Liars, Damn Liars and Diane Rehm’s Panel

I was cruising down route 28 in the Adirondacks today listening to a Sirius NPR stream. The Diane Rehm Show was on. I occasionally enjoy Diane even though her raspy, wavering, voice can be annoying. But it usually is good radio; despite that. Besides, I understand: it’s a medical condition.

She had on a panel discussing the Shirley Sherrod story, which should really be the right wing media manipulation story starring Andrew Breitbart, but I’m straying a bit from my point: let’s get back on track.

Accountability is important: Join the Aug. 1-2 Fast Against Torture (FAT)

Accountability is pretty much off the radar of the anti-war movement. At the recent United National Peace Conference in Albany, no workshop dealt with the issue of holding accountable those who committed/are committing crimes in our names.

Can’t Prevent Mosque at Ground Zero

Can’t Prevent Mosque at Ground Zero

There has been much gnashing of teeth, wringing of hands, and bursts of anger about the prospect of a mosque being established two blocks from the former World Trade Center site in New York referred to as ground zero.

Common Ones

Common Ones video by American Graveyard out of Austin TX.


Is it Racism?

I canot help think that when the Republicans as a group block most bills that are generally good for the majority of people, that it must be racism, then exhibited by or coerced from the Republican Party. I would think that the Republicans themselves would say, I am not racist. They do not realize that by submitting to the undercover "say no to Obama no matter what" Rep leadership, I would say they are racist even if they can not admit to their actions.

Men who look at large breasts probably do NOT live longer

Just caught the correction/apology about the topic above...I'm thinking not only is it NOT true, just the opposite might be true. I've witnessed guys walk into a telephone pole, into traffic, off a curb - they never make eye contact because they're looking only at my 34DDD. They are not augmented and I've considered reduction surgery but until physical problems (mine - like back, neck, etc., not the observers - as mentioned above) justify it I can't afford it! LOVE your program and was a fan before I knew who you were (ADD/ADHD books).

Shock Doctrine

Was wondering why Shock Doctrine (book by Naomi Kline) isn't mentioned, or why she isn't invited on the show? Thanks.

cra page


I re-read the links. I had the Authors backward.

I got a phone call right from Heaven and Jesus is on the Line!!

The real reasons for us being in Afghanistan (but you already knew about this didn't you?)

3 Ignored Aspects of the New Immigration Law in Arizona

Several elements of this new Immigration law in Arizona need to be put on the table. I'm amazed how these issues are not discussed.. Oh and Why do we (progressives) allow the Right-Wing Corporate Media to set the agenda and the talking points? Off topic, just mumbling...

Here's what Republicans and billionaires really mean when they talk about 'freedom'

Thom plus logo America is having a heated debate about the meaning of the word socialism. We'd be better served if, instead, we were debating the meaning of freedom.