July 2010

Experienced Mormon On Glenn Beck's "Jews killed Jesus"

Coming from a very devoted Mormon family, I know the religion inside and out. Glenn Beck regularly misstates or twists the Mormon beliefs. Today Thom talked about Glenn’s comment implying the that the Jews killed Jesus and asked if any Mormon listeners would clarify. I’m sure if you asked the average Joe Mormon they would say that even tho

What about us—our very own American Burqa?

Yesterday’s conversations about burqas in France reminded me of our very own American burqa—that is, the metaphorical one worn these days mostly, in its most extreme manifestation, by the likes of Joan Rivers, circa 2010. The question for me is this: Is she wearing the mask of vanity, or does her endless quest for “beauty” tell us something about our culture, given that her mask looks nothing at all like herself, but rather like a generic female?

FDR experimented with our money

The other day Thom had a guest on that said FDR nearly nationalized the fed. I read a great book this summer called Lords of Finance, by Liaquat Ahamed that adds some more detail to this. FDR did take the US off the gold standard and into a managed currency to the dismay of the fed chairman at the time, George Harrison. And FDR had no idea what he was doing:

Thom: Obama used your "exploding toaster" analogy in March '09...

...This from today's Huffington Post, in headline article titled "Warren v. Geithner":

In March 2009, in response to a question during a town hall event in Southern California about the bailout for Wall Street firms and whether Obama supported tougher consumer protections on credit cards, Obama promoted Warren's academic work:

My Economic plan can create 33.3 million jobs overnight!

You remember what Jefferson said about the 'seeds of Democracy' requiring blood from time to time don't you? Well...

Burqas, Public Safety, and a Bit of Feminist Rant

With regards to today's 3rd hour topic, it's moot to me whether women should be allowed to have their license photo taken wearing the Burqa, because no one should be allowed to drive a vehicle (including a bicycle) while wearing one! Even a cursory glance at the Burqa veil reveals that it is somewhat voluminous (presumably allowing some air circulation underneath), and the notch cut out for the eyes does not allow for full use of peripheral vision. Just turning the head while resting against the vehicle's seat-back is going to dislodge th

"America's Biggest Export, Our Jobs!!" ( a new ) "What Now Cartoon"

The Republican"t party is holding America back just so they can satisfy their naked lust for power. They're blocking unemployment benefits because they would quickly circulate through the economy, and they can't have that. They want Obama to fail, and that means they want us to fail! And another thing I want to know is why there is still tax subsidies for the corporations to ship our jobs out of the country!! This is a good place to start, but by no means the place to stop. corporations are just chasing the cheapest labor markets across the globe.

Activist takes oil money

Deryck Spooner led Nature Conservancy's push to spur legislative action on climate change. It appears he has now grabbed for the money ...

republicans are sailing away into the sunset making loud noises

i used to be a republican, i voted for reagan,, then i watched the systematic destruction of our country by big business, the chamber of commerce and the indifferance of people watching sitcoms.

Attitudes towards women...

Dear Thom,

After listening to the conversation today on your program about the burkas, I thought you might like to read a poem by Rudyard Kipling, who is best known for his poem, "IF". Rudyard Kipling lived from 1865-1936. This poem was recently given to me by my friend, who got an 800 on her English SAT. I had given copies of Kipling's poem "IF" to my students at McHenry County College and had mailed her a copy also.

The Female of the Species

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Would a Democratic President Wield Power as Ruthlessly as Trump?

Thom plus logo Interestingly, the current divide in the Senate gives us an insight into how powerful a genuinely progressive Democratic president could be, and how much he or she could get done. As we saw yesterday, the Republicans voted repeatedly to participate in a cover-up of Donald Trump's crimes.