July 2010

Observations and comments about working

One thing I notice is that members of Thom's site rarely mention what they do for a living or comment upon the atmosphere and sitaution at work. This kind of discussion, while it would not be perfectly objective or statistically significant, could open up a whole other dimension on American culture. There are plenty of postings here on political topics and issues. On the messages board section, there is an entire category for economics. Sometimes, the best way to understand the economy is to not invoke economic jargon and concepts. I believe it would be helpful


I find it highly irresponsible of Thom to say we should give cops the "benefit of the doubt" after a cop is exonerated by an all white jury after he executes an innocent man on a BART platform with a shot in the back as he's lying, prone, on the ground!

Shame on you, Thom!

A Capital Idea Part 17: The Family that Wants to Start Armageddon

July 9

A Capital Idea Part 17: The Family that Wants to Start Armageddon

Imagine that there was a political conspiracy underfoot. Imagine that a shadowy group operating in Wahshington, D.C. had plans for world domination. Further imagine that this organization had tremendous political influence, but kept its membership and other records secret. Now, imagine that this group is an ultra-conservative, ultra-Christian group, whose purpose is to bring about the prophesied end of the world, including the battle of Armageddon and return of Jesus by influencing politics.

Divine Right = Divine Responsibility

In times past and ancient nations were governed by Kings, assumed to rule through Divine Right. With it came Divine Responsibility.This goes back to the ancient Pagan days in which the Sacred King was held responsible for the well being of the Land, and if necessary was dacrificed for the good of the Land.

A Matter of National Security

The health condition of a Nation’s citizenry is as important as any weapon in a military arsenal. The Founders of this Nation new and understood this fact intimately.

Free Speach TV?

Was looking forward to watching Free Speech TV on DirecTV. Come to find out you have to UPGRADE to the HD receivers or have an NEW HD TV......

Why is Faux Noise broadcast to every tube driven TV in America and if you want the truth you have to pay for it????

Jefferson didn't write the Declaration of Independence.

Well, since it's the week of Revolution Day, this topic seems appropriate.

Jefferson didn't write the Declaration of Independence, it was pretty much all just a product of the Age of Enlightenment. More or less boiler plate, except for Jefferson's poetry.

As was our Constitution.

Point being, they couldn't happen today. the Age of Enlightenment is past. Perhaps it's just illusion of living now, but our direction is towards the dark Ages.

Family Reunion

For over 60 years the Dunn family of Amherst and Littlefield, Texas has had a "musical" on July 3rd and the reunion on the 4th of July. I could write a short book on this topic, so sticking to the point I want to make today requires some discipline.

No paid podcasts received since March 19, when you outsourced to UK.

All I got was 36:32 minutes. Shouldn't I get 3 hours for $7.95? I have 3 podcast titles in my iTunes list: The Thom Hartmann Show stopped 3/12/09. Thom Hartmann Show stopped 3/19/10. Thom Hartmann 36:32 minutes 7/8/10. Nigel is very condescending and insists I am doing something wrong. He ran me off for 4 months, but I am back and I want a solution. I don't have any trouble with other podcasts, and did not have any trouble with this one until you changed webmasters and outsourced to UK. Is it possible the problem lies therein? I ha

Let's End All Free Trade Now

Exports from our Country are out of balance with our Imports because we don't make anything anymore and Imports are shipped to our Country with no Tariffs.Because of MFN,WTO and NAFTA legislation that are all Free Trade Legislation we have high unemployment while the Corporations are making profits galore at the Cost of our Hard Working American jobs.Until we end all Free Trade Legislation our Country is on it's way to Feudalism.There is a Petition at the following link ( http://www.change

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Does Trump "Tweet" When His Staff Says No?

Thom plus logo Lev Parnas tells the story of how Donald Trump fired ambassador Marie Yovanovitch at least "four or five times," and that they were afraid that he would "fire her with a tweet." This is not the first time we have heard from White House insiders that the president often gives irrational or stupid orders that his staff then ignores.