July 2010

Is BP dumping sand on beaches to conceal oil ?


What oil..I don't see no stinkin' oil..what oil spill..come on down for a swim, everything's just fine here..outta sight, outta mind...there's nothing to see, so keep moving..

Oh, those lazy unemployed...

According the right wing morons like Sharon Angle and Johnny Walker Boner, people like not having jobs. You can find more at: http://raoulsdailyblog.blogspot.com/

Larry Kalb as Replacement for Rick- no public option- Larsen

I was a Kucinich delegate when Larry was at the helm organizing our District 2 Kucinich delegation for the steps to the State Convention and then at the Convention - (which was a blast) Larry did a good job keeping us on task, He is a man of his word. I know he would be dedicated to the people of this state, country and to the world. Nancy Brickman Friday Harbor, WA

I would like to join the effort to end corporate personhood

I see every problem we see in this culture is a result of uncontrolled corporate dominance over our law makers. I would like to put my time into campaigning for the appropriate amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Where do I start?

Democrates should create 1M govt. jobs by hiring in all govt agencies and some of the jobs may pay for itself

Government should hire in IRS may be 50,000 to 100,00 new IRS agents and aggressively increase business audits and start collecting taxes from businesses who are hiding. This will probably cost nothing to tax payers as each additional audit should pay for that agents salaryplus more. Start giving IRS agents incentives to collect

SEC - Should hire thousands more auditors to go after wall street companies this will create more jobs in govt plus all these wall street companies will have to hire more people to answer to these auditors issues.

Getting off oil...

Some news of the day (today, July 1st) that you most likely didn’t get (as well as another today's item down below):


Proud to be Progressive and not "REGRESSIVE"

Why should anyone ever apologize for being progressive?

My Money Lessons Through the Years

July 1

A Capital Idea Part 15: My Money Lessons Through the Years

Since I wrote a brief history of money last time, it makes sense that my personal history with money should follow.

Arizona E Varify Law

Arizona has a manditory E Varify law. Two years in and onely 6% registration complisance.No prosecutions.

The GOP comercial website!

Its not difficult to see the differences of character between the GOP and DNC merely by looking at there websites. Even looking at the domain proves my point. The GOP operates within a dotcom while the DNC uses a dotorg. The GOP typically use the site to bash democrats and call them names, behavior that mimics a spoiled child who has finally been punished by having a toy taken away.

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.