August 2010

then i'm already tagged "left" just for being here....

its scary,i know.but i cant help but feel that my time on this earth is already marked(& i'm SHORT!)so how is it that being watched/marked/possibly now assainated for fighting the good fight(even if just in my heart and mind!)isnt going to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up/flip that old switch/clench my fists and shout #@$% YOU!YOU CAN DO IT BUT I WONT JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE IT! this really is MY country!

A Really long Remembrance., history and The Big Blow Up

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My Peace of The Wall


This a true story of a friend who lived in both Berlins, before the wall came down.

She survived the bombing and thankful for the airlift , written by Anke Otto Wolf


Suggested by Fishman

Christian conservatives overlook more than Matthew 25

So they say they want to have this country run are more Christian principles, they are overlooking more than Matthew 25. In the OT before the time of the Kings God set up a system of government that was administered by the Levites. This went far beyond the issues of sacrifice to atone for sin. It actually regulated business. There's that scary regulation word, I know. Among other things the wealthy farmers and herdsmen had very specific rules about what they were suppose to tithe, what they were allowed to harvest from their fields and cull from their flocks.

US Anti-Muslim protests aid Taliban recruitment

I'm not suprised. Check out this Newsweek article;

The Taliban is showing the anti-Muslim, anti-Mosque protests as a recruiting tool, and it's working.


What's going on today in this country is that the shareholders or wealthholders are running a simple "protection racket" that is very similar to the protection rackets that are stereotypically associated with the MOB or Mafia of years ago. It used to be that if you wanted to "do commerce" in certain areas or neighborhoods in the "mob controlled areas", then you had to fork over some of the revenues collected by your business.

Extreme Measures for Health Care

Much of the health care bill passed by the Obama Administration will not take effect until 2014, and even then its assistance to many will be weak or hard to acquire. Many people, including myself, are taking matters into our own hands to get health care for ourselves or our families, extreme measures that would not be necessary in any other industrialized country.

These are not religions..............

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and a few of the other accepted "heavies' ( religious systems ) are NOT religions...........


I am putting this post here with some hesitation. It's not about Beck, Palin, the Tea Baggers, the upcoming election, or the disappearing middle class, but it is something personal, different, and has some relevance to the progressive mindset plus the issue of commercial animal breeding as opposed to homegrown pets. It also explains what has been going on with me over the past few weeks.

August 30


Christ vs. Anti-Christ

A Course in Miracles defines Christ as the expression of unconditional love. The anti-christ is the opposite of that; the anti-christ is the expression of hate and divisiveness. The Christ is oneness and union. The anti-christ is separation an. Glenn Beck is an anti-christ because he does not speak in terms of love. He speaks about victimization at the hands of some "other" (the "other" keeps changing forms) who is taking away "our" freedom.

There's a 1 in 20 Chance of the Apocalypse. Shouldn't We Act Now?

A new study published in Science argues that we as a civilization need to move "rapidly" -- as in almost immediately -- towards a carbon emissions free future if we are to have any chance of holding off runaway global warming: