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September 2010

The Balls: a Carlyle Group X Family

Much was written in the newspapers about the Balls who created a charitable foundation "To promote religious, educational or charitable purposes" as a holder of the Van Sweringen empire variously known as Alleghany/IDS, Mid-America Corp or New York Central RR. This occurred when the Van Sweringens defaulted on a note to JP Morgan Chase and their billions were sold Ball, Sr. for less than $300,000. There was a Senate inquiry which of course went nowhere.

Hughes acquires Magnavox Electronic, by Dave Phillips 1995

In the first place, this amounted to the Carlyle Group selling itself to itself while most of the reported "suitors" were Carlyle Group too.

9/12/1995 Kokomo Tribune "$370 million purchase of Fort Wayne firm to boost GM subsidiary's defense portfolio By DAVE PHILLIPS Tribune staff writer

Regarding Bernie's answer to the angry caller from Texas

Thom, I have the highest regard for Bernie Sanders. But I just don't think he and other Progressives get it about the point of view of the angry caller from Texas who said he was 52 and losing his house. The caller and millions like him are on the verge of losing everything they worked for by forces beyond their doing or control and they're being asked to be patient until things change for the better. THESE PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR HOME, THEIR LIFE, EVERYTHING. They can't just sit by and lose everything because some rational person asks them to "stay cool".

Vichy Petain to French Population--"Stop Whining!" (re: German occupe)

Now it's repubs. But eight+ years of Bush, I've become a bit jaded. Obama is now playing the historically familiar,'just shut up' card. Randi Rodes, 'it's just fringe left whiners & fringe right' that are making all the fuss. The rest of us just want our paychecks!!" A guiding democratic principle? It worked in Nazi Germany and Petain's Vichy government. Petain was 'better' than having H****r in charge. Only Petain had the great idea of black-shirted French police, hauling Jew folks into trains, & generally terrorising Fr.

One Nation Rally supporters

Is there a way that all of us who cannot attend the rally in Washington, but are there in spirit, will be counted? The Right is giving us the idea that the rally will be a failure if millions are not present in person. How do we let them know that some of us simply cannot make the trip, but want to be there? Is there a way for us to sign up and give a brief synopsis of why we support the cause, and how much we wish we were in attendance? Could Thom or Ed provide a space for One Nation supporters to make their voices count as being there, since we will be watching from home?

What If The Tea Party Was Black?

What If The Tea Party Was Black?

Little room for opinion here, the above sentence says it all! thinkingblue

Tea Party Who?

Don't wait til November to vote.

The Democratic base is unenthusiastic this year. Does that describe you? If so, maybe on one of those days that you're feeling more fired-up than usual, get an absentee ballot. You can get one from your local Board of Elections. I was able to download the application from their website. (You're going to be out-of-state on Nov. 2nd, right?) They mailed me my Absentee Ballot. It's a PAPER ballot! I filled it out and will be mailing it in October. I not voting Tuesday November 2nd. No long lines. No suspect electronic voting machine.


The best at exposing the hucksters on corporate welfare is David Cay Johnston in his book free lunch ; Jim Hightower in his books ;- Thieves in High Places ; Let's Stop Beating Around The Bush ; Also Amy Goodman & David Goodman in their best Books ;- Exception to the Rulers & Breaking The Sound Barrier : { Support Thom Hartman & Free Speech TV as well } Start Today : What Happened to Mike Malloy ? He is Terrific as well : Peruse my videos at trench777 on you tube if anyone wants :&

They took the "UNITED" out of the United States!

Fox Nooz and the Billionaire Bandits are steadfastly working to make sure there is no unity in the United States. Divide and conquer has been a major strategy of conquest for good reason. The libertarian point of view is quite the opposite of how this nation was founded. By dissing the United, they keep their plunder from the undeserving rabble. Also, isn't the statement in the preamble "WE the people" and not "ME the individual"?

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Time for Trump To Start Following the Law

Thom plus logo The White House has instructed Carl Kline not to testify before Congress. He's the guy who supervised getting a security clearance, over the objection of the intelligence agencies, for Jared Kushner.