September 2010

One Nation Rally

Time to come together.

From Washington DC, to Seattle, Los Angeles to Murfreesboro, TN....

Understanding the Right made simple.

Look, the Right is/are great at distilling things down for the dumb or intellectually lazy. This site does a good job of returning the favor without lots of hyperbole:

Ohio Governor Says No to OffShoring Jobs to India. Will More States Catch On?

This is the article from today's New York Times:

Great to see this happening at the state level. Let's hope he's interviewed soon to show other governors that job out sourcing

needs to be addressed now. If Washington won't enact legislature to modify corporate off-shoring of US jobs, state governors need to take it on and now they have a model to do it

Great job Governor Strickland!

Pro A Woman's Right To Choose Vs. Pro A Government's Right To Choose.

I have a question that I have asked Thom over and over again and it hasn't been answered.

I am Catholic, and I am Pro A Woman's Right to Choose.

Ever since I was a child the Catholic Church Dogma has drilled it into our brains that the A word is as repulsive as the N or F word. I would really like to understand why it is that Rachel can't say Pro A Woman's Right to Choose vs. Pro The Governments Right To Choose.

Larry Summers Makes a Much Needed Exit From Obama & Co.

Lovely sight to see--hope more useless ex-Clinton financial types leave the admin. The backwards 'recovery' was fashioned by these guys after everything 'Clinton'--which is part of the economic drumroll that got us all into this broken regulatory, NAFTA style economy. No manufacturing STILL(even in the works) after two years in office. Thank you Mr. Pres. for taking some decisive action which DOESN'T look like business as usual. I'm encouraged!!!!

Why the "Good Old Days" Are Not Good Enough

September 21

Why the "Good Old Days" Aren't Good Enough

Inspection- Does TV Suck... or What?

"Does TV Suck... Or What?" Looks like a flippant; easy to answer, question. But... it's not.

I was in Ohio when I wrote this and, while tearing down another show, they had on the Disney Channel... well one of them. Apparently there's at least two. I have always found Disney production values superb, but their scripting sucks. Take the show they had on around noon with live actors. I never bothered to find out the title because, to Yoda-ize it a bit, "Masochist am not I."

I see a Trend

We had strong unions for many years.....

Ooo...ooh say can you see?

*Privatized prisons

*Mercenary armies

Incentive for Growth and Jobs

I hear a lot of talk about the economy but it is what I don’t hear that bothers me. Simple incentives have to be put in place to make the economy move in the direction that you want it to move e.g.

If you favor growing the economy the personal tax rate should be made higher than the corporate tax rate which will give incentive to the owners to keep their money invested in the corporation or pay higher taxes. The higher the net difference of the personal tax rate above the corporate rate the bigger the incentive to invest long term.

So you think You'll Get a Tax Break, or tax cut? Really?

A letter was sent out recently by the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians.

You're not hearing Breitbart News or Common Dreams - right or left - organizations or news sites with a point of view other than that they are committed to healing people.