November 2010


It's beyond imagination just how full of crap the Rushbo is. He did a 12 min. rant yesterday that was off the scale!

Jacob protests the outcome of 2010 election day with "No-Shave November: A Protest Beard!"

Greetings Everyone! This last election day that saw the take over of the House by the "darkside" as well as the defeat of some progressive measures across the country, I've decided to not only become that much more active and to get out there and make my voice heard, but I want to protest! Unless we do something about this now it will only get worse! That's why I'm introducing No-Shave November: A Protest Beard! You can join me in No-Shave November and post your pictures here on the blog!

Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Congressional Proposal

Concerned about increasing inequity and broken Middle Class? Why not sign People's Lobby's petition to help reestablish Fair Tax Brackets? Click to

The Powell Millennium

Who's ready to check into a Kitty Carlyle Fairfield nursing home? Between the home and your estate lawyer they know everything about you, how you get along with your family members, who your heirs may or not be, your prognosis, and how much of your residue can be converted to an FDIC certificate.

Hurrah, we won! Okay, maybe we didn't but..

A different analysis about the President's biggest error.

You undermined our Illinois Green Party Voter Turnout


Fox News Obama Nazi Fascism? Just click yes - No ?

I want this to circle the Earth X 6 times Please?

If you agree - pass this on ! I want this to REACH around the World !

Dealing with Preoperational Voters

November 3

Dealing with Preoperational Voters

Here's what Republicans and billionaires really mean when they talk about 'freedom'

Thom plus logo America is having a heated debate about the meaning of the word socialism. We'd be better served if, instead, we were debating the meaning of freedom.