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November 2010

Vote Feingold

All of you people from wisconsin like myself. Make sure you get out and vote for the great senator Russ Feingold. And Bring a friend!!!

Hey, ya know what? Giants are World Champions

Messing with Texas? Of course, we are California and especially Northern California and especially San Francisco! The home of Nancy Pelsosi, Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown. A trifecta in the making. What a thrill to watch Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson (no not THAT Brian Wilson) tied up the Texas Rangers in knots and brought a long long drought to an exciting end. Baseball, whether you are watching or playing is a game of skill, luck, frustration, more frustration and patience. Did I mention patience? Kinda like watching elections. Oh yeah, get off your butt and go and vote for your country.

If The Tea Partiers had a Baseball Team

While watching the World Series from the City By The Bay I was just wondering what a Tea Party-owned major league team would look like, how they would score and what benefits they could bring to this game we love. The "new" phenomenon of a political party/movement has been amusing to watch evolve, as their message has become more and more confusing as the months roll on. So just for a minute let's wonder. The following silliness makes just as much sense as they do.

Restore Sanity? or Do Nothing?

If the 200,000+ people who turned out on Saturday for the "Restore Sanity/Fear" rally don't vote on Tuesday, what's the point? If anything, the message to the nation was to visualize that what we must do as a people to move this country forward. This mid-term election needs to be not so much about party but about country, our country. It needs to be focused on the future not "taking back the country" to a time when the rich got richer and the marginalized (middle class, the poor) got even more marginalized.

Lets UnPlug the Election

I'm exhausted from endless TV ads where one American condemns another American.

Gone Fishing (like most americans)

On thursday 10-28 Thom was in Chicago and the fill in host was not really talking about the election so I switched to Beck. After listening to his hate filled, be very scared- rant I decided that being part of any "commercial" talk radio audience was a big waste of my time. 39 minutes an hour of broken up segments, 21 minutes of commercials. Also after stewart's comments about cable news why waste even more time with all that hate. It has only been a few days but I'm a lot less worried and much happier.

Is it Stolkholm Syndrome or deliberate and a prayer?

Have Democrats become so whipped that they identify with their captors, the Republicans? Or do they deliberately want things to get worse.

And here's the prayer: The Great Invocation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi9_GNucq1s


From my other Blog

PLEASE: Before you start into this, and because it's a busy election day and this is a long piece, let me offer a suggestion:

Elections Impact Health

The biggest impact on health and equity in health will be changing our electoral system. Prof. Dennis Raphael discusses how proportional representation is beneficial to health.

Christopher Reeve Foundation

There are ways of bilking trusts and foundations other than what we see of the obvious lawyer trustees who are overwhelmed with excess, buying houses all over the world, collecting luxury items on gambling junkets, throwing multi-million dollar weddings and birthday parties. Such sprees are reserved for the estates of incompetents or estates with no heirs.

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Is the Move to Authoritarianism the Worst That Trump Has Done?

Thom plus logo Sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, are exploding across red state America right now as Republicans continue to refuse to fund programs like Medicaid expansion and sex education in school. It's just one example of the way that hard-core right wing Trump and Koch policies are actually damaging the United States.