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November 2010

Up in Montana,Gov. Schweitzer Takes Aim at the High Cost of Prescription Drugs

Up in Montana, Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer is working on a plan that would let every Montanan get discounted medicine through Medicaid.It's the latest idea from Schweitzer to either import cheaper name-brand prescriptions or to otherwise bypass what he sees as exorbitant prices charged by "drug cartels." Previous plans have been shot down by the federal government as either illegal or impracticable.

left wing gatekeepers.

On todays show nov. 18th you said that if there had been stronger cock pit doors installed years before 9/11 it would not have happened. Please stop insulting your listeners with the fairy tale official story of 9/11, there is far to much information out there now for that. If you are honestly not aware of the truth about 9/11 I feel sorry for you. You've had David Ray Griffin on your show at least twice and you still up hold the lies we've been told by the corupt mainstream media?

Fox Gets It's Panties in a Twist…again

You know and I know that Barrack Obama can do nothing right for the right, right? Now the folks that call themselves a
"news organization website" are up in arms with a list of people Obama says were "groundbreakers". It seems there was one name that bothered them more than the others. Jeremiah Wright? Karl Marx? Nah. Sitting Bull. The screaming headline on the Fox Nation Website.

"Obama Praises Indian Chief Who Killed U.S. General"

tsa searches

When do we get to the heart of the matter? I have no misgivings about the Bush administration's reaction to terror real and imagined leading us in the direction of govt. overreach regarding airport security. However what is less important is the past president who has no legal standing at this time and the current one who has stood silent on this aggregious behavior. It is time for Pres. Obama to put down the golf clubs and pick up a fountain pen and sign an executive order ceasing this nonsense.

Fly Naked?

Imagine how much we could help the T.S.A and national security if we would just rise above our puritanical, Judeo/ christian standards (and laws of indecency ) and take it upon ourselves to go above and beyond their measly security standards, and fly naked.

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Is the Move to Authoritarianism the Worst That Trump Has Done?

Thom plus logo Sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, are exploding across red state America right now as Republicans continue to refuse to fund programs like Medicaid expansion and sex education in school. It's just one example of the way that hard-core right wing Trump and Koch policies are actually damaging the United States.