December 2010

No more progressive radio in Anchorage

So I for one am going to deeply miss the Thom Hartmann show on Anchorage's 1080 AM. As well as other shows like Ed Shultz and Ring of Fire. The (consolidtaed) powers that be have seen fit to get rid of the station all together and now there are 5 or 6 conservative stations and not one even close to the center. The one local progressive, Shannon Moore, has (luckily) remained on the air but is now on one of at least three Fox based stations and is followed by uber-con Lars Larson.


Last night I watched the "documentary" I.O.U.S.A. another wolf in sheep's clothing very similar to "Waiting for Superman", in which the filmmakers couch their political agenda in messages that set up smoke screens and blame the victims for the woes of this country. In "Superman" the message is that public schools are a mess because of teacher unions and if we get rid of the teachers unions and fire all the teachers who make a living wage, we won't have to have a lottery at charter schools (I am not sure I get the connection). I.O.U.S.A.

This is one "little person" gald to see Larry Summers leaving

If you want to maximize the American Economy why don’t you start by trying maximizing the economic potential of every American Citizen rather than the economic potential of Corporations.

Lincoln Trust 1910 Blizzard 2010

I have heard of "hundred-year storms" frequently in my life as a botanist, and of "hundred-year floods," without ever actually being in one. As Personal Representative of the Estate of Frank H. Kryder, Allen County, Indiana, I heard about "hundred-year mortages" and "hundred-year bonds," and actually located some.

tea partiers and their pets

Thom...I'm pretty sure it was on your show today (it's possible I'm mistaken, being as I was driving truck) where you referenced a story at truthout or some other site, where the story line was all the new republicans that rode the tea party/citizen's united decision wave into the house and senate, that are now hiring lobbyists, etc. from the very industries that those politicians are being assigned to committees governing said industries.

Defending the indefensible

Referring to Thom's guest this morning who was offended by having to post a notice admitting that his employees had the right to unionize.

Listening to his wording it was obvious to me that his complaint was really about an atmosphere of nagging regultions, not any specific one. It is also clear to me that that perception is the result of fascist propoganda.


Aggressive Progressive

I called into the show today and commented on what I thought many people agree with....Some teachers are paid o.k...some are underpaid. Unions are o.k. but some have over-reached in my opinion. The example I gave is the highest paid administrator in New York State in Commack is paid over $600,000 per year plus benefits...There is one paid $109,000 per year plus benefits which really isn't out of whack. I said this was contrbuting to state bankruptcies....Thom certainly didn't like that and cut me off.

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