February 2011

Gov walkers budget steals!

An overlooked section or walkers bill takes $28 million dollars from the employees retirement trustfund, money already paid to employees and invested for thier retirement, and uses it to may for the states "share" of annual retirement donations and for states share of health insurance.

We will therefore be paying 100% of our retirement and health ins.

Book Fanatics

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Snapping Defeat from the Jaws of Victory...

Went down to Olympia, WA Saturday to "protest the protest" being archtypical of LAST CENTURY'S style of hurrying up to go NOWHERE.

Plomo o Plata

The Mexican cartel threat of "plomo o plata" (bullet or bribe) is the same as the Citizens United enabled corporate threat to candidates to "drop a million dollars" in support and/or advertizing against (bullet) or for (bribe) the candidate. No democratic process can survive under such conditions. The entire Mexican society is terrorized by the violence of the shameless cartels who are using the "plomo o plata" process to gain control whereever they please. It appears that the entire American society will be terrorized by the same process for the same purpose.

G.H. Walker Series Indymac

As shown in the indestructible Kryder magnet series, 315203612, the sum

#13974 G.H.Walker & Co. Charter 12/12/1974 MO + #13934 Missing Kryder Estate 1954 HOLC Bonds Acct, via FDIC to Regions 12368 = 27908

27908 is actually another form of Frank H. Kryder's taxpayer id:

27908 + 3612 = 31520

(The Federal Reserve Notes that 1974-12-31 Lincoln changed its name to Linclon.)

Bernie Madoff: Government\Banking Ponzi Scheme feeding off the public

Sadly, Bernie outta know a Ponzi scheme when he sees one.

Meh, Bernie doesn't have much to lose these days, but he could arguably be a little bitter....


WWH: Homegrown – Here is our best from last week

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wisconsin teacher salary

Thom the average teacher salary for wisconsin from the 2010 detail information link that you provided (excel spreadsheet) is 49,093 with an average benifits of 25,750 or a total of 74,844 not the 45,000 that you spoke of on last night free speech. That does not include the administrative salary which would make the salary higher, wisconsin does a neat thing by providing detail salaries of administration and i did not get a chance to read the detail report by district so i do not know if there is detail by teacher but it is public information.

how cold

i saw on the show and democracy now where i think it was georgia that there is an item that they want to pass into law wich would in the event of a miscarriage. would require the mother to prove it happened naturally or be charged with a felony. this pure cruelty . women ( and i know of at least one ) who have been through one are already devestated enough . wich in some cases carry that loss there entire life

Governor Walker is willing to layoff state workers to pay for his tax cuts for the rich

Governor Walker is willing to layoff state workers to pay for his tax cuts for the rich. Entitlements are not to blame in Wisconsin.

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Democracy Itself Is on Trial

Thom plus logo While Donald Trump is on trial in the Senate impeachment hearings, many commentators are pointing out that the Senate is also at trial. Few, however, are pointing out that the fare and future of our country may will also be decided by this trial.