July 2011

Obama’s Words and (mis?) Deeds

These paragraphs come from an article in the recent issue of The New York Review of Books that, unfortunately, few will read. These three paragraphs that I’ve pasted below may encourage some to read the splendid essay in its entirety. Those who do will be better informed as a result of their effort.

Using common grounds (or the lowest common denominator) to build a future

Like most Americans, I have seen our country sliding slowly into a third world country. It is so unfortunate. I love this country, I love the principles it was built on. And I was fortunate enough to choose such a country as the country where I would live for the rest of my life.

Baldwin emphasizes "bipartisanship" - with Republicans - as Qualifications for Senate?!

Compromising your stance to incorporate the wishes of insane people is nothing to brag about. But yet that is what the recent splash in Isthmus weekly new magazine in Madison, Wisconsin has Baldwin saying.

Will Pak-India Parleys Produce Results?

Sajjad Shaukat

Norway terror attack suspect driven by right-wing extremist ideas

The now-arrested Anders B. described himself as conservative and Christian on the Internet. He propagated nationalistic and Islamophobic ideas, demonstrating his hatred for multiculturalism, which he believed would destroy the nation-states and Christian culture of Europe. Anders B. also jousted online with "anti-fascist groups."

BOYCOTT - Kraft Foods Company behind A.L.E.C. Anti-Union bills - BOYCOTT


Oreo Cookies

Oscar Meyer

And many more at http://www.kraftfoodscompany.com/Brands/largest-brands/index.aspx

Higher Taxes = Better Life

July 23

A Capital Idea Part 80: Higher Taxes = Better Life

After last time, I realized that I should also look at the relation between tax rates and the economic and life satisfaction outcomes, so I have moved to the next phase of my analysis of nations.

This Independent has had enugh - "No taxiation without representation"

Enough is enough. Playing politics is running this country into the ground. The two party system of democracy that we have in this country dictates a necessity to compromise. Apparently the GOP has forgotten that or perhaps they just wish to hijack democracy.

Pied Pipers


I have been perusing the comments by Thom Hartmann and viewing his tv show on freespeechtv, and have come to the conclusion that Thom belongs to that distinctive group of people that can rightfully be designated, Pied Pipers.

I have not come to this conclusion arbitrarily. I arrived at it based upon months of viewing/reading Thom's programs/posts and it is clear to me that he is a political pundit that pursues the purposes of and engages in the practices of a pied piper.

War Bucks of 1812

The National Debt of 2011 should not be disconnected in the paper trail from the War Bonds and Ammunitions Patent Agreements forged in 1812. Mr. Disney wasn't fantasizing when we were entertained in song revealing "Bucaneers fought for years, for gold doubloons and pieces of eight." And specifically in our present sense, pieces of 8/2.

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