July 2011

Life Satisfaction, Income Inequality, and Quality of Life

July 19

A Capital Idea Part 79: Life Satisfaction, Income Inequality, and Quality of Life

sack lunches for soldiers

My sister send this forward and i wanted to share it with everyone:


Steve King and Michelle Bachmann flyover flood damage Western Iowa, Nebraska

Forget the point that both of them have jobs and are stiffing their employers, out flying around making a big to-do over what they may or may not be able to do if she gets elected. The controlling factor in this is money. She said she will not raise taxes. She claims America's bankrupt. He says he will not raise taxes, so who is really getting the reach around here? Neither one of them has a dime for anything. If elected, because they cannot raise revenue. Just another dog and pony.

GW Bush's grandfather, his illegitimate children are having children.

When George Bush got his tax cuts. After that every unfunded mandate became an illegitimate child, a ward of the state, as progressiveswe can no longer afford George Bush's illegitimate children. For that matter, neither can the Republicans.

1 Bush Cheney energy policy

2 Medicare parts C and D

3. The war in Afghanistan

4 . The war in Iraq

STEVE FORBES_Why Rupert Murdoch Will Survive And Thrive Again

Now, I called Tom Corbin of Oklahoma at his OKC office. I asked the woman voice if Tom would give a statement on the Rupert Murdoch scandal and FOX NEWS. To find out what she said, please call Tom Corbin's office at the number below and ask Tom 'to lead the charge for an invistigation to this scandal'.

Tom Corbin: 405 231 4941


What's Behind the GOP Drive to End Same-day Voter Registration?

In Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, Georgia and probably some other states now under GOP control there are efforts to end same-day voter registration. Generally, the opinion seems to be that Republicans simply want to make it harder to vote, apparently believing that GOP voters are more dedicated and will show up at the polls whatever barriers are erected.

Global Warming: Sue members of the Fossil Fuel Industry for Public Ownership

nuf said, make it so

Giant dust storm hits Phoenix again

twice this month

End 2 Party Government

It's clear to me that both the Democrats and Republicans act the same on the big issues, The answer is to fire BOTH the Democrats AND Republicans.

It's only the smaller issues that they fuss over during elections. They each have about half the seats in the House and Senate so they are deadlocked when it comes to doing anything useful.

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Are We At "Peak" Citizen's United?

Thom plus logo Donald Trump has corrupted pretty much every federal agency, but the one that is most concerning is his corruption of the Department of Justice. Bill Barr, in 1992, ran the cover up of the Iran/Contra treason scandal on behalf of George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan. Now he's running, according to Lev Parnas, multiple coverups for Donald Trump.