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July 2011

Pakistan Faces Unjust World Order

Sajjad shaukat

Wait the bastardos out!

Bone-er has embarrassed himself by succumbing to the GOP paranoia; specifically the Tea Party. We may not be able to roll back the Reagan tax cuts, which went from 70% in 1982 to 50%; and, again, he cut the marginal tax rate to 28% in 1986. In 1993 Clinton, and Congress passed, with no GOP support, an increase to 39.6%. G. W.

deficit question

I understand the build up of the deficit up to Obama..please correct me if I'm wrong:

Regan - +1T

Bush Sr +1T

Clinton +1T (but balanced budget and created a plan to eliminate deficit w/in 10 years)

Bush Jr+5.7T

This equals $8.7T and we are much higher..when I explain this to people, they say.."Okay..but the deficit today is $14.4T" and they blame the balance on Obama.

Can you explain the gap from Bush Jr to Obama?

Thank you!

Adjustable Rate Home Mortgage - Read Your Loan Docs Carefully

There is nothing ostensibly wrong with a well written adjustable rate mortgage.

Generally, on money matters compromise has grown unconscionable

Generally, on money matters compromise has grown unconscionable

Generally, on money matters compromise has grown unconscionable

Generally, on money matters compromise has grown unconscionable

1. Wealth is severely concentrated and Republicans are the party of special interests,

A Warm Thank You to Thom Hartmann

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today and on many other days Thom Hartmann urges listeners to engage personally in the democratic process...tag you are it.

I wish to extend my gratitude and thanks to Thom for his encouragement and humanity. You have a great smile Thom. That's one of the things that's going to get us through all of this.

Today I engaged and sent messages to Senator Dick Durban and Congressman Mike Quigley. Following is the text:

Tax cuts and job creation

"Create jobs or else"

Obviously, tax cuts don't necessarily create jobs and it's time for the Democrats to call the GOP bluff. With 15 months before the 2012 election, the Democrats need to act quickly.

Creat jobs or lose the Bush tax cuts, loop-holes, etc. We could even offer the incentive to actually cut taxes when the economy improves.

cuts to assistance programs equal to gifts to the rich

This morning (7/26/11) Thom gave a list of assistance programs to poor, sick, working class, that have been cut, and the list of tax cuts,subsidies, and gifts to the rich which are roughly equivalant in dollar value.

Does anyone have a copy of, link to, or know a way I can find that list?


Instant run-off voting has its problems too. A good scholarly book on the subject is called Gaming the Vote by William Poundstone.

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No More Presidential Immunity!

Thom plus logo When Richard Nixon committed multiple Felonies, including accepting bribes in cash in the White House, Jerry Ford chose to pardon him.

When Ronald Reagan committed treason in 1980 to get elected, Attorney General Bill Barr shut down the investigation in 1992 with five pardons.