August 2011

Money Hi-Jackers Make Monument Crackers

Money Hi-Jackers Make Monument Crackers

by leighmf, on the present state of things

Washington's Monument cracked and swayed,
another round of golf was played.
Nancy took a library slip,
Rubio slippers caught her, Pip! Pip!

The Dome of the Capitol too might have fallen.
From Union Station, God was a-callin'-
"Boy, this place is going to Hell.
They never did fix the Liberty Bell."

James Richard Perry, Liar: Hardcore History of Investment in Porn

In previous writings I warned you of this psychosis that reared its head at the Iowa straw poll. The perrytwinkleman has made a lot of news this week as investigative reporters dig into his stories, as well as the Dominion Theocrats who seem to be hoping to ride him to power.

Rep. Xavier Becerra on "The Five Kings"

On July 28th, 2011, I participated in a telephone town hall meeting with my Congressman Xavier Becerra, of California's 31st District. While most people were asking about the impending debt ceiling debacle (which later led to Rep. Becerra being named to the Super Committee resulting from that manufactured crisis) I decided to ask a question on a broader scope.

A revised view of Obama

Until recently, I viewed Obama as a weak and ineffective leader, but enough has happened to cause me to revise my earlier appraisal. Given the President's deficit commission and the deficit "12", his support for the Keystone pipeline, the lack of EPA action on a real hydro-fracking investigation and the recent removal of NYS Attorney General Schneiderman from the mortage committee investigations, the smell or corruption is overwhelming.

Thom Hartmann

Thom Hartmann is the best informed Progressive on the on the internet and off!!!!

Thom you're great but behind the curve on the coming earthquakes

There was a special planetary alignment with the one in Chile, the one in Christchurch, and the one at Fukishima, Japan. Now, Thom, this has been covered up for the longest, but Ali Velshi had a little blurb about the tenth planet, and NASA has admitted it exists, but the spin doctors are at work on this, I guess both ways, but Dude, I'm genuinely worried, and I wouldn't have gone to all this trouble to get on your blog otherwise, I don't have any worthwhile opines.

Earthquake: Drop, Cover, Hold On

The recommended thing to do is Drop, Cover, and Hold on, not to get into a door frame. Also, do not wait to find out if it is a "big one" -- the initial shake is the time to react. If you wait, it may be too late or too difficult to move. Check out  Thom, please do a public service and tell people what to do in an earthquake. It is especially important for areas like DC where people aren't as informed as we are here in CA. (And many people here still don't know!) You have a teachable moment here!


Thom: Get Out of the Building Next Time!

Breaking news on HLN and MSNBC at least 20 minutes after watching the earthquake live over Ustream: 5.9 magnitude earthquake! Next time please get to safety! ;-P

Was it a coincidence that the press conference where Strauss Kahn or whatever his name is was bragging about destroying the poor maid he raped? Could all that hot air have affected the earth itself, or was the motion caused by a hundred million people shaking their heads in disgust at the same time?


I sitting here at my desk, in Clayton,NC. I felt the earthquake right after started on TV show.

Irene - Topic Not Found

Couldn't find anything posted on this storm yet. Not sure if this will be helpful or not.

Today's 55-letter anagram from the letters of the seven churches:

Seraph phrase Gusty Irene Did Pass Miami Hialeah Lady Ports Ocala

I'm not an expert on these things, and so, don't know if this is what to expect or what would have been if we had made different choices before this point.

Either way, it did get "honorable" mention, though.

Conservatives supposedly hate freeloading. So why are they trying to legalize it?

Conservatives supposedly hate freeloaders.

So why do they support right to work laws - which literally legalize freeloading?

Our nation's nine unelected monarchs on the Supreme Court are poised to deal yet another blow to organized labor.