October 2011

Where is Occupy K Street?

Perhaps we need to occupy K Street. How about the Republicans bought creatures being forced to run a gauntlet of 99%ers every day.

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth DID get some attention in the Mainstream Media yesterday

During his show today, Thom asserted that the death of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth was not paid attention to "by anybody" -- i.e., The Media -- yesterday, but that is not entirely true. Granted, on the CBS Evening News, for example, the simultaneous death of Steve Jobs got the first slot in the broadcast and the story was nearly seven minutes (6:54) long, but the good reverend's passing did get covered, and nicely, later in the broadcast for just over half a minute (0:32). This isn't seven minutes, but at least it is something.

Clinton Concert meant to Distract from Hillary’s Hands-On involvement in Keystone Pipeline.

Bono is being used in a scheme to favor Big Oil

Let's pray the "Millionaires tax" goes through and ....

Then we can spend equal time praying that the millionaires don't offset their increased taxes by cutting ALL donations , scholarships, and funding for the unnecessary luxuries we all enjoy. Can you say increased tuition at public universities, park funding, theater arts, museums etc. My god, the five million dollar "Vanderbilt" bike path may have to close for lack of funding. I visualize a scholarship free university alone may be cause for a sit in occupation of the White House. Who is there left to blame Mr.

All Hail Today's Inquisition

There's a word I've been seeking for quite a while now. I know the time it represents, a time when the Catholic Church was trying to purge those who didn't conform with the conventional idolitry of the time.

History records that the church officials used the term Heretic to describe these outcasts. Once the label was applied, all manner of unspeakable things could be visited upon the individual with the flimsiest of justifications. The period was called the Spanish Inquisition.

Ladybird's Secret Message

Ladybird Johnson knew enough about plants and flowers to leave future Americans one important clue in her famous instructions:

"Wherevah you see a place of ugly, plant a Bush, a tree, or a shrub."

There is a time...

For your sake, for decency's sake, for your children and grandchildren's sake, watch the Democracy Now transmission of October 6th - all of it. http://www.democracynow.org/

Cheaper than Slavery

A Capital Idea Part 86: Cheaper than Slavery

A note to Thom

I am encouraged with the protests and sit ins. I can't imagine so many people numb to the truth. As I watched the news on CNBC business these guys are just a bunch of right wing homers, they would have us all believe that if the government printed the money back by the people, then gave it directly to Wall Street and the banks that they would disperse it equitably and justly, it would trickle down like rain and float our boats. The problem with this is that greed never sleeps, no matter what we do to appease the free traders it's always going to be one more needy complaint.

Tea Party vs. Wall Street protesters

It is interesting how, when the Tea party was organizing, the left would taking every opportunity to belittle and bash them in every form of liberal media. Hours of airtime was spent trying to convince themselves that this was a passing fad. Now, it is the Wall Street protesters, a group with no defined agenda, and the Democrat party is trying to latch on to them and create their own form of a reform movement and suddenly it is good. America at it's finest.

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Trump Briefs His Buddies at Mar-A-Lago but Not Congress - WHAT?!

Thom plus logo Donald Trump refused to brief the only branch of government that has the power to make war about his attack on Iranian General Soleimani.