April 2012

No Need for a Trial

At an event this weekend I happened to sit next to a man who is running for a position in the Washington State legislature. He's a Republican running in a district that always votes Republican. He said that he's recently retired from a school superintendent's job and before that had a career in the Air Force.

RNC Talking Point: Food Stamp Recipients Increase is Obama’s fault

Conservative wrote: The number of food stamp recipients was 32 million. Today it is 46 million. An increase of 45%. (USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program).

Indy: Here again is a clever attempt to ‘distance’ the failures of the George W Bush years as if the havoc he wrecked on the economy had not effect.

RNC Talking Point: Ignore anything you post that addresses their talking point

The RNC reciter wrote: Still waiting for one of your Dems to address the stats I posted yesterday about your president. Got anything besides the silly name-calling?

SCVIndy: Interestingly enough, this statement is a ‘focus group tested’ slogan that is used by many conservatives at the sites I debate them.

Obama’s Federal Govt approves Walker’s cuts to State Medicare! 17,000 lose coverage and 30,000 to pay more$$$

Front Page, the Wisconsin State Journal, Saturday, April 28, 2012.


You can become part of the 1% in 2013… BIG TIME...

.... by investing as little as $100,000 today, that’s less than the cost of the two Caddys Mittens purchased for his wife, you can reap tens of millions of dollars in stock dividends starting in 2013.

Why Do You Have Children? aka Why Have Children?

I've deleted my original blog "Why Have Children" because I didn't make clear that I would like courageous, candid, frank, direct answers to the question: "Why do you have children." Down near the bottom of this blog you'll find some answers, some pseudo-answers, even some responses that aren't really answers at all.

this is funny

Comment from nimblecivet...

I think the parent-child relationship is the one with the most potential intimacy. I think people sense this intuitively even if they do not actualize it.

The Thom Hartmann Program - Aug 30th 2018

It seems it's all racism, all the time w/the GOP...Neo-Nazi robocall hits Iowa on Molly Tibbett’s murder: “KILL THEM ALL. ” Richard Wolff drops by about the National Debt. Is it a disaster or an OK thing? Also - Trump & The National Enquirer - Is the Economy Here To Serve Us Or Are We Here to Serve the economy?