April 2012

Horrors - MORE WELFARE - $10 million given out by the US government - time to take down those welfare folks.

These are tough times. Especailly for corporations like PHILIPS. I wonder however, how did this company Philips, the world’s biggest lighting maker and Europe’s biggest consumer electronics producer - HOW DID THEY MANAGE TO GET $$$ 10 MILLION DOLLARS FROM The US Department of Energy ? ? ?

How many times have you heard about a "woman" accidently shooting some one - like a male someone?

I myself can't recall any such event. Although it must be in the realm of the possible I suppose. But this certainly reinforces the idea there is a "war" on women. All more common is the Cheney_style shoot at anything that moves - oh heck, just shoot something - even if it isn't moving. Of course my musing are brought to me today due to another go go gun enthusiast - who does not bother with the cardinal rule of hunting.

Communism and 'Marxism' Are Part of the GOP

Communism is government ownership of the whole production, economy and unions. This is the definition -- nothing else. Republicans try to tag anything that isn't Republican "marxist". They're actually the most 'marxist' party in the U.S. Nobody else is issuing Marx in our national politics, but the Republicans. I don't wonder. Reagan's union policy was flat-out communistic. He called worker unions unnecessary, because his government would know what was good for workers. The same argument as in the Soviet Union of that time, in order to do away with free unions.

game on


Debt Collectors are now disguising themselves as hospital personnel - to insure they proceed the Death Panel

Declining, deconstructed, decomposing, decimated we are. More disgusting news about the decline of our civilized world - circa 2012. Be careful. Astonishing - our country can buy billions of dollars of weaponry for death and destruction. While hospitals - which are ultimately to support our living - cannot meet their expenses. The big banks have no problems since they were bailed out - like GM. Fed Ex gets grant money as does Sprint from the federal government. The list goes on and on for corporate welfare recipients.

Catholic Priest brags about abusing 3 boys in a week, had them on “rotation process”

This is so disgusting I wasn't even going to post it.

But increasing things like this look like a sympton of a much greater problem.

REMINDER: Nationwide GENERAL STRIKE Scheduled for May Day.

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romney as reality

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Does Trump "Tweet" When His Staff Says No?

Thom plus logo Lev Parnas tells the story of how Donald Trump fired ambassador Marie Yovanovitch at least "four or five times," and that they were afraid that he would "fire her with a tweet." This is not the first time we have heard from White House insiders that the president often gives irrational or stupid orders that his staff then ignores.