August 2012

2016 the film

2016, the movie, is a fine movie and I feel everyone should see it. Here you can see what influences molded President Obama to be our President. Romney's life is out their and so is Paul Ryan's and even our last President George W. Bush; but nothing on President Obama. Here in this film, much of it, uses his own words from his books, President Obama wrote to connect the dots quite clear. So I ask, do you want to know who is running our country? Or should be accept for what they say is true?

Bringing us closer together!

Question- How is it possible that 7 billion people can all claim to want the same thing (peace,security,opportunity,prosperity,happiness and love)and be singularly unable to get it?

The Middle East's "only democracy..."

I'm posting this message without alteration from Gush Shalom with permission:

Neil Armstrong and John Galt: Fact and Fantasy

There's a minor boulevard that runs through the heart of a local business park here in Omaha named after a fictional character in Ayn Rand's novel 'Atlas Shrugged.' Forbes magazine contributor Rob Clarfeld described John Galt as epitomizing 'all that is glorious of capitalism in its purist form — innovation, self-reliance, and freedom from government interference." In order words, he's the ideal Libertarian, the quintessential Tea Party candidate.

Wonder If

Metanoia Films - The Power Principle: Corporate Empire and The Rise of the National Security State

Metanoia Films - The Power Principle: Corporate Empire and The Rise of the National Security State to watch online

Romney Managed Kryder Pass-Through

It is ever so creepy to know that G.H. Walker & Co. stalked the assets of Katherine Kryder with Missouri fictitious entities since the year she was born, 1931. The last Walker entity associated with the Kryder Estates merged in 1974, two years after Katherine's death, when Buena Vista Savings and Loan was converted to notes, and these events are all neatly numerically linked (for accounting purposes) by Bain Capital Fund X LP MA FEIN 0001417662.

An Excerpt from "The Last Oswald"

The Last Oswald

by Anonymous

A Stage Play in three alternate acts.

Act 1

The Last Oswald (whose real name is never given), sitting in his Apartment, speaks to his wife, seated nearby, working on her 'scrap-book'.

The Last Oswald: "I told you... I'm waiting..."

His Wife: "You said that. I said... for what?"

The Last Oswald: "I told you, I can't tell you."

His Wife: "Why?"

The Last Oswald: "Is it Friday today?" He pauses... "Or... Thursday?"

Suspense builds as His Wife pastes and cuts.

imagination time

Republicans Failing Their Corporate Sponsors Could Be a Miracle For Democracy

Now, you don't hear it very much in the corporate media, but the budget bill that the Republicans passed through the House and Senate and Donald Trump signed that set the table for this tax legislation - this tax scam that is being worked out between Republicans in the House, Republicans in the Senate and the billionaires who own them all - includes a trillion dollar cut to Medicaid and