September 2012

Obama’s rhetoric to end War in Afghanistan coincides with Exxon’s waning interest in the Country.

Mr. President, Please Use Your Powers to Lock Them Up and Throw Away the Key !

Right Wing Vigilantes at the Polling Stations?

Just what is the "True The Vote" Movement up to? That should be a federal crime. A FELONY at that.

It should be within the powers of the Patriot Act, or the Defense Authorization Act for the President to Lock those guys up and throw away the key.

Veterans Form Pro-Legal Marijuana Group

After Petition To Allow Medical Marijuana For PTSD Is Denied
A group of Colorado veterans are forming a pro-marijuana legalization group after state health officials denied a second petition to allow medical marijuana as treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Voting for Jill Stein for President in 2012 will be your LAST CHANCE to STOP the KEYSTONE XL Pipeline’s complete construction.

If you don’t vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party for President in 2012 not only will President Obama or Romney allow construction of the Southern Half of Transcanada’s devastating Keystone XL Pipeline to continue, but they will also approve the final Northern Section of the pipeline that links up with the extremely filthy tar sand operations in located in Canada.

A Couple Examples of Good Government's Superiority to Corporatism

A Capital Idea Part 132: A Couple Examples of Good Government's Superiority to Corporatism

Well, this post is really about some examples of good government's superiority to corporatism.

The health care debate is well-documented, and international comparisons show the United States' corporate system to be inferior as it leaves a great many people uninsured, is exorbitantly expensive, and produces mediocre results.


Poor baby. Indeed, fever along with bodily aches and pains - sniffles too - all truly distressful. But there's no need to suffer - not even one more day! There are several recent, no-fail cures. For instance, there's Dr. B. Obama's sure fire patented nostrum. One well-aimed (well, sort of) prophylactic remote controlled drone and no more pain, not a trace of fever again, ever. Recommended for all ages and sexes - infants, children, octogenarians, whatever. Never fails.

who will?

The Failure of America’s Two Party System.

A chronic 19% Actual rate of Unemployment; Perverse concentrations of wealth; Waging Wars for Corporations; Presidents that are War Criminals; Collapse of the Planet’s ability to support life (animals suffer now as our children will suffer in the future); Regulatory take over; Citizens United; control over the media; “Liar-and-Chief”; Wall Street and the Federal Reserve…the failings go on and on.

Bernanke’s QE3 currying favor with Wall Street for Obama Campaign: “Toxic Mortgages once again boosting bank results.”

Again, this Administration illustrates absolutely no respect for the economic welfare of the 99%.

Housing is the preferred bait of the predator state.

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GM Shows Why We Need Medicare for All

Thom plus logo General Motors just pulled healthcare for 50,000 workers. There are some Democratic candidates suggesting that people love their health insurance companies, but this calculated move by a giant corporation that you and I helped bail out proves that employer sponsored healthcare is just another tool to control workers.