September 2012

Send Oil Executives to Fight Terrorism in Libya.

Obama used military force – under the guise of humanitarian relief (like Wall Street really cared what happened to Libyian citizens!)- to de-nationalize Libya’s oil and now that Libyan society is receptive to terrorist acts against the US, Obama wants to send our young men and women off to Libya to die because of it?!

Too many people have too much time to do nothing

Currently there are more polls (47) that letters in the Alphabet (26) and who knows how many before the general election. Oh I wish we had only one like we had with Gallup Did you know I got 9 calls from Pollsters asking who I like to see in the White House all in a row yesterday evening. My guess is that the Democtratics hired these companies to tell undecided and Republicans that Obama has already won. Not True.

Congress to declare U.S. Postal Service in Default: ALEC’s UPS and FedEx ecstatic.


$7.00 bucks to mail a letter under ALEC? no thanks!

A Better Place...

If the fearful half were correct then a war with Iran might, in the long term, result in fewer lives lost. How much better off the world would be without Israel.

Wall Street forces Spain into Austerity Measures rather than Stimulus.

Operative phrase from the article that hints at the source of the Austerity measures is

Obama and Hillary’s TransCanada Corp orders City Police to use violence on Tar Sands protesters.

Foreign Corporations controlling public law enforcement agencies in America?!?!? And being able to have them violate American’s civil rights?! WOW

Standards Of Decency

I find it incongruous for two candidates Republican and Democratic to debate on the stage where the Republican Candidate attacks personally the Democratic Candidate on her heritage and race, and then after the debate they both walk across the stage with smiles and hand shakes as with the debate of Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren of MA and Senator Scott Brown. I think that Elizabeth Warren should take offense to the attacks and not meet in the center of the stage with smiles but just walk off?

Voter Supression

Farmer acquitted in Minn. raw milk trial

How Are MDA and Wicked Witch Alike?
MDA: Minnesota Department of Agriculture

The 250 or so people attending my presentation Saturday on "America's Underground Food War" at the Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania broke into applause when I told them, near the end of the talk, that Alvin Schlangen had been acquitted of all charges Thursday in connection with his raw milk and private food case.

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

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