September 2012

End the TSA Unions now

In the game..

A professor from my undergraduate days believed that repetition played a significant part in learning. With that in mind I'm posting again, with a few additions, a blog that I posted earlier.

Grease Pencil Better Photo

China Marking/Grease Pencil/Crayon Political Statements on your Car.

You can safely print Political Statements/Slogans on your car with a grease pencil. I printed the front of my car with a mirror image like the Ambulance Vans. People have fun trying to read it backwards while standing in front of it. Choose colors that will contrast with your paint color. When done, you can simply polish it all out with liquid wax. At least it polishes out on Toyotas.

Sorry, the picture blurred.

Topless Royalty, boobs in the NFL, and the Political importance of surrogate issues.

The media is used to distract the masses, as well as give them something on which they can process the anger they may feel over political issues that marginalize and enslave them.

Drought’s contribution to today’s Mass Extinction: Black Bears and Migratory Birds starving but Obama’s Shell Oil is “happy, happy, happy” in the Arctic.

Recent severe droughts worsened by climate change have devastated the growth of wild berries in Colorado and across the country--leaving local black bears hungry and with little choice but to search for food in dumpsters, cars and homes.

Loss of a Game...Loss of Lives

One of the wonderful things that has happened to me in being in the 9/11 Truth Community is that I need to dig deeper and deeper into information to see if what is being presentaed are facts or fiction...and sometimes the line between the two are quite thin. So, what I will share with you regarding being an Air Traffic Controller fired by Ronald Reagan in the 1981 PATCO strike, is information that I have not been able to verify beyond trusting my inside sources from back then.

Los Alamos National Park (Dennis Kucinich-get your panties out of a bunch)

Einstein, Oppenheimer, Feynman, Bohr, Truman, Teller, GROUND ZERO? This incredible story about the duality of MAN and little Dennis dont want to talk about it . Let the Subdivisions build McMansions. No wonder they laugh at us.

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?