November 2012

No more Intrade for US citizens! (:

Well, the US government has cut me off from gambling (errrrr, investing) in futures. Their website now has a message that all US citizens must divest of all investments by 12/23/12. Maybe it's a GOP plot so next time they can steal the election.

Shame, I made about 300% gain by predicting Obama would win 320 electoral votes (thank you Nate Silverman). Wish I could do that well in the stock market, but that game is rigged.

Shucks, I'm a Methodist

Shucks, I'm a Methodist by leighmf

When I was but a freckled tot
perched on Grandpa's knee-
six times over a Baker scholar,
he expounded thus to me,

"Your Ma's Episcopalian-
they like their bread with wine,
She moved up 'cause a Methodist
Preacher's living's not so fine."

I grew up tippling with dear Ma,
heard many a Benediction,
though twas' clear for Cokesbury's
I had a predeliction.

Modern Slavery

Wonderful segment on the deaths in Bangladesh. By chance I discovered some wonderful discussions of post-civil war slavery that, while not exactly on point (re: Bangladesh) watching these discussions really expand our understanding of post-Civil War slavery.

U.S. Bonds for Company Insurance

President F. Roosevelt had to squeeze money out of industrialists to invest in U.S. bonds, to turn around and award the same people the most important contracts for rebuilding or creating infrastructure. Now we are cringing under a new form of bullying which says that the big money will be kept out of sight and overseas unless we give certain institutions and organizations total power, else they collapse the world.

The Grid breeds a bad dependency.

The Grid breeds dependency on a corrupt and negligent industry whose production practices are bad for our health and environment.

Enough Guns, where the hell is the Butter?: Redeploy labor from Military to Solar and Wind Energy.

Gosh, here’s a revelation for ya: How about spending taxpayers’ dollars in the best interest of the People and not always on Special Interest Groups (especially those that profit from war, I mean come on, we have to defend ourselves but I think we got that covered)

message and medium

What do we want to know and when do we want to know it? Were Senators too stupid (or too stubborn) to know, without confirmation, that it was criminals who committed the terrible acts about which they have become so hysterical, regardless of the political excuse or particular socio-pathology involved? If furious opposition and vicious wreckage counts as muc

But it's not fair!

Life isn’t fair. Period. Is it fair that one person is born into a wealthy family, and another is born in poverty?

Coining money

I was having a conversation with my niece about the economy, and I said that I could
not see how we could transfer money from the upper class to the lower classes, except
through wages. And she said the government could print money. That immediately brought
up images of wheelbarrows full of Deutchmarks. But then I thought "what happens if
you take this idea to its logical conclusion?"

If the government were to create a bunch of money to pay off the national debt,

FIRE at WALMART clothing factory in Bangladesh BURNS 122 ALIVE: No Emergency Exits$ and no Evacuation Plan$.

fire killed at least 122 people who were working in a factory that was making clothing for Walmart outside the capital, Dhaka. There were no emergency exits and no evacuation plan. People burned to death.

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Does Trump "Tweet" When His Staff Says No?

Thom plus logo Lev Parnas tells the story of how Donald Trump fired ambassador Marie Yovanovitch at least "four or five times," and that they were afraid that he would "fire her with a tweet." This is not the first time we have heard from White House insiders that the president often gives irrational or stupid orders that his staff then ignores.