November 2012

Globalization and the Solar Industry in New Mexico

Globalization and Solar Industry in Albuquerque, New Mexico 11.02.2012 John McKinney

straw-man idea

Until we can take back the congress we are screwed. Here are two things the Democratic Party or progressive movements could start NOW: 1) Expose Republican Lies 2) Retake Congress for Democratic Party

One - Exposing R-Lies (republican lies)

How to Communicate with God – Or His Staff

Note: The excerpt below is from The Resurrection of Noah, by Youssef Khalim.

4.0 Am I the Reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson?

Mr Obermann

Had this guy pegged 3 years ago as a quote snake oil salesman why would any one with even half a functional brain want to buy the crap this looney tune is selling; it sure doesn't any thing good about American intelligence and that's scary as hell.

Harry Reid says Dems must make concessions--FascisticPrivatization has arrived.

What was that election about?

What does it take to convince the Dems and Obama that they have a MANDATE to protect Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?

Here we have Harry Reid telling us in tonight's news that AUSTERITY is the price we have to pay for being at the table with the Republicans.

The Dems don't have a backbone? They don't have any guts either.

In our nation, ECONOMIC LIBERALISM has been slinging it out against SOCIAL LIBERALISM since the Constitutional Convention in the mid-1780s.

The obsession with labeling atheism as a religion

I love Thom, but he just can't help himself when a chance to try to bash atheists comes up.

I am listing a series of points, that I hope Thom (or one of his surrogates) will address.

Unemployment Benefits at Risk of Going Over ‘Cliff’

If you’re not or can’t help concentrate wealth then the Uber Richs’ government really has no need for you. Your welcome to free fall.

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If Americans Die in a Pandemic - Blame the GOP

Thom plus logo As a possible pandemic looms on the horizon, the United States is the only developed nation in the world without a national healthcare system. Medicare For All is not just about saving as much as half of all of our half healthcare dollars, it's also about national security.