December 2012

Astral Travel is Exciting and Fun – Must be Better than Doing Drugs

As you know, I practice Yoga. And on about 7/20/1980, I attained Unity, and this coincided with actual, real and amazing, tangible events here in Chicago. (Note: There is no such thing as an accident, or a coincidence. There is action/reaction, cause/effect and cycles in nature. We are just not always aware of the specific causes of effects that occur).

New station KCXR being built right now in Florence Oregon

Can our new non profit station carry your show? How do we contact you?

rant in the new year

Civil Defense, Domestic Tranquility or Public Safety…

Ptech, Bain, Pelosi- the Last Connection

I was searching for the book by Indira Singh, the Chase risk analyst who testified at Senate hearings about her warnings against Ptech prior to 9/11. I was stunned to not find it anywhere. There are a number of writings online about Indira's work investigating financial terrorism, herself a survivor of the WTC catastrophe, and in my last communication with her she was working on a book and also occasionally wrote on a blog titled 4acloserlook. Upon clicking on four 4acloserlook page links, I found each had been replaced with a SAFE ONLINE CASINO GAMBLING page.

Dennis Kucinich interview: Where are the jobs programs?

Notes from Democracy Now! interview:

Dennis Kucinich points out illogic of debating tax cuts when there is a deficit. Jobs creation and infrastructure rejuvenation should take forefront to revitalize America.

Kucinich says DRONE WARS are in violation of the Constitution and International Treaties, and Congress is being locked out of process of its duties to review executive branch decisions for foreign policy and as a check to adventurism by rogue elements in the administration. Proliferation of this new warfare is pure aggression that is unlawful.

Energy Independence?: U.S. poised to become Leading EXPORTER$$$ of Oil and Natural Gas from Fracking.

Just International Oligarchs fracking their way to excess profit at the expense of the People. Profits at the expense of the People should sound familiar by now. Especially from a President who said he would do everything he can to help the profitability of our international corporations.

What will do more damage to the 99%: a bad fiscal cliff deal or going over the cliff?

I maintain the reason this whole cliff thing is such a fuss is because it may effect the 1% badly.

And the Beat Goes On...

Put on a agreeable anodyne album as you read these items. Or just forget it, close your eyes and mind, soak up some pleasurable fantasies - "soothe the savage beast.” What music should the parents (such as are still living) choose as they scoop up the remains of their dead children?

Listening to Music Stimulates the Brain ( + vs - )

I have been listening to Thom Hartmann's audiobook, I really am enlightened by the information on communication and reaction thereof in response to the positions of the brain. (Forgive the bad grammer, I will work on this after I vent out my rambling thoughts) In my own life, music has been everything to me, I state recently that music is my one true religion without a church. In my life, I have wittnessed how music influences my moods, feelings, and thinking. Classical (advent ( e.g.

Two Cautionary Tales of Gun Control

Read the Wall Street Journal's editorial-page December 27 Two Cautionary Tales of Gun Control . Baning guns is not the the cure everyone thinks it is ! Another point, The Olympic shooters in Britain had to go to Germany to train because their gun laws are so crqzy ! Purdy shotguns are 120,000. They are made in Enland and are works of art. Are we going to melt them down too ?

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?