December 2012

Several die after Syria’s Assad uses poisonous gases on his People.

Earlier Obama had this to say about using his instruction Wall Str to attack Syria on behalf of the 99%:

Economy versus Environment

December 26

A Capital Idea Part 140: Economy versus Environment

This isn't exactly a new topic for me, but I plan to reframe it and look at some details not previously discussed regarding the strained relationship between the economy and the environment.

Ethos a time for change

Must See Free Speach T.V. Right Now!

Obama's Gifts...

Maybe you haven't time to read the entire article but just a quick scan might be enough for you to get a handle on Obama and his dark, sinister and misbegotten policies:

Obama’s$$$ alleged Improvement in Unemployment doesn’t track with poor holidays sales.

Please Mr. President, may we have our next line of bullshit?

Exploitation and Destruction: Decreased Federal support forces States to meet requirements for investment by Wall St.

Austerity and Environmental Destruction here in the States in order to export abroad are all just a part of the plan. Wall St likes to Liquidate resources, abuse labor and then move on to the next mark, with no vested interest in the society where they produce or sell.

Revolution - 101

It is time the citizens of America band together to fight the tyranny that has occupied our nation and fill the streets with the cries of PEACEFUL REVOLUTION!

New SPIN from Corporate lovers of Citizens United campaign funding!

Just heard today the tail end of an NPR analysis (either on Marketplace or All Things Considered) of some sort (wish I could be more specific as to speakers) and -- get this -- they said how no matter to what extent the Citizens United Election Buyers tried to buy the 2012 election, they couldn't pull it off, and THE PEOPLE WERE TRIUMPHANT.

At this point we should all be as surprised and as disbelieving as KARL ROVE was on election night when the election was called without The Fix he expected!

Assault-Style Weapons In The Civilian Market

December 20, 2012

Today, On NPR's "Fresh Air", host Terry Gross interviewed Tom Diaz, a policy analyst for the Violence Policy Center.

Diaz and his colleagues have conducted extensive research on gun violence in the United States, and have written reports on assault weapons, as well as on the National Rifle Association, and the corporations that fund it.

Climate Bomb: Debunking Obama’s$$$ insistence on Natural Gas/Fracking.

Methane – 25x worse than C02 as a greenhouse gas - leaks into the atmosphere as a consequence of fracking operations. Also, when you burn methane it turns into C02. Worse still, current levels of Green House gases haves resulted in the uncontrollable release of gargantuan deposits of methane throughout the Arctic with more to come from the Oceans (me

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The Kavanaugh Scandal Goes Beyond Sex & Must Be Investigated

Thom plus logo While all the attention on the possibility of impeaching justice beer bong Kavanaugh is focused on his alleged sexual behavior, the real scandal is that the Republicans refused to release years of paperwork on his participation, when he was inside the Bush administration, with regard to torture and other war crimes.