December 2012

An un-elected, privately-ran organization “the NRA” calling the shots on America’s Gun Control Laws.

This has got to be the clearest sign yet that our Country is governed not by the Will of the People but by un-elected Special Interests$$$.

Boehner, sponsored by corporations? Really...?


More than one gunman at Sandyhook School?

I was wondering how they proved the son killed his mother and so very, very quickly, there being no witnesses. This does not answer that question of mine, but it raises many others...

American "Exceptionalism" is not an original gimmick

Claims of American Exceptionalism are just an echo of hundreds of years of European claims of superiority.

The Europeans exported their so-called civilized ways of mayhem, marauding, raiding, looting, sacking and enslaving, and insisted that the resulting domination of other peoples proved that Europeans are BETTER.

What a line of hooey in the wake of destruction and cruelty.

Europeans sold this and keep selling this hooey via propaganda, high-tech gimmicks, advertising/marketing, cinema and a stranglehold of other media.

Day of the Contact Update

Day of the Contact Last Update
We WILL open the Portal! This WILL be the beginning of the new cycle! Let's do this:

Connection to check out for your show

Thank you for a wonderful show. A very interesting guest thay you may wish to interview is a Davy Liu. He does not know about you other than what I told him. He is from China but came to this country with no support and only a love of art. He was fortunate enough to be chosen for his skill by Disney and after 10 years left to form his own company. While there he was instrumental in The Lion King and several other blockbusters.

NRA members are not the problem but they could be part of the solution.

Please read Jim Moran's article in the Huffinton Post. Most NRA memebers are for safe, secure and reasonable gun laws. Demonizing the NRA is not the answer. Most NRA memebers are just regular normal people that just happen to hunt and own guns. This scapgoating serves no purpose ! The NRA could and should be part of the solution !

A Psychologist's Take on Willful Ignorance

December 20

A Psychologist's Take on Willful Ignorance

According to a Psychology Today article, there are 3 types of ignorance, only one of which has a negative connotation (

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The Kavanaugh Scandal Goes Beyond Sex & Must Be Investigated

Thom plus logo While all the attention on the possibility of impeaching justice beer bong Kavanaugh is focused on his alleged sexual behavior, the real scandal is that the Republicans refused to release years of paperwork on his participation, when he was inside the Bush administration, with regard to torture and other war crimes.