January 2013

What You Don't Know About TEA PARTY

Accidentally, I came to understand the ANTI-DETECTION transactions of money laundering. It doesn't take anti-money laundering detection software, something clearly not working for our risk analysts in finance. It doesn't take the eagle eye of bank presidents who have already done internships with IRS and as Bank Examiners.

second amendment

you spent considerable time ranting on about the "secret reason" for the second amendment being the preservation of slavery, lets not forget the northerners and the government in general at the time had a major intrest in everyone being armed in the event England might try to regain the states, but also for the systematic genocide of the American Indian to allow expansion west and the further gtowth of the country. Don't try to make it sound as if the only reason for the second amendment was to keep slaves in line by the nasty southerners.

Assault Rifles, Fracking, Coal, Wall St, Oil, etc., the message is clear.

The People are more than welcome to die, get sick or otherwise meet with very serious ruin as our Politicians pursue their own selfish goals.

Political Dinosaur (GOP)!

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Know Yo Civics!

This blog was based on a rant by Thom Hartmann; Know Yo Civics

Let's pay Bachman's campaign workers...


Why Not Have Truly Public Government Banking?

January 11

A Capital Idea Part 143: Why Not Have Truly Public Government Banking?

Sincere Request

There are many great things about Thom's radio and tv shows. The best, for me, is his thoughtful analysis that show a mastery of economics, history, and politics. And I enjoy the Conversations with Great Minds because Thom always comes well-prepared and the interviews/conversations are enlightening. I am often frustrated by the debates with libertarians/conservatives. It feels like they are being given the chance to soapbox, yet again, their dishonest Koch-Brothers talking points. How about identifying someone with "conservative" views that are worthy of respec

Fake Fight: NRA calls the shots on assault rifles, because they command a lot of voters.

And such a policy is stemming from Clinton:

A Moving Movement?

Suppose this movement spread southwards? What if...?

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How To Bring Back A Middle Class

Thom plus logo From the 1930s to the Reagan Revolution, America grew the largest and most robust middle class in history. Along with strong unions, the main driver of that was that people earning more than about $10 million in today's money confronted a top tax rate of 91% until the 60s, and 67% until Reagan came into office.