January 2013


With the State largely especially in powerful contries like the U.S. having virtually monopoly control of the means of violence, there are many disruptive forms of non-violence which historically have been very successful in making progress.

1. The Standard Non-Violent Mass Rally Approach. This is most often associated with non-violence but is probably in my view one of the more unfavorable form of non-violence.

What You Don't Know About Bain Capital

We've heard the tales of Skull & Bones robbing the graves of the Great Indian Chiefs, but this is a brand new story about Bain Capital hiding the lease-land, mortgage interest and royalty-rich 1841 Will of a Fort Wayne Indian Chief which was in this century hidden in Seattle, Washington until 1984. On the same trail are, Madoff, Fort Wayne trust bilking of the 1960's, the Kryder estate through the recently recovered (2007) Olin B.

An All-Inclusive Stopgap

When an entrepreneur is able to gather and coalesce the many tax advantages to grow his wealth into the billions of dollars, then we need an all-inclusive stopgap: a tax rate of 91% on wealth over a million dollars as we had back in the 1950’s and 1960’s where the economy flourished.

What You Don't Know About Madoff

Just three months ago, October 2012, federal prosecutors stated they believe the Bernie Madoff fraud began much earlier than originally theorized. Investigators have managed to pick up a thread as far back as 1970.

NRA and Biden: White House seeking approval of Special Interest group to stop American Children from being shot to death!?

What the hell has the American way of governance become?

[Sorry, I know I may have exceeded my recommended daily blog posting limit (and I am trying to curb the impulse thing (by the way its ok if my posts don't show up in the side bar, it just feels good to bitch) but this whole guns in our society thing is just absoluting disgusting beyond measureis making me disgusted beyond tears.\

Sign White House petition to repeal 2006 Postal Poison Pill act

https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/urge-congress-repeal-postal-accountability-and-enhancement-act-2006/nykngcHv All, I just went to the White House website and Andy W. went ahead and created a petition directing the President to urge Congress to repeal the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act!

Minority Owned Gun Stores?

I was wondering if anybody know of any gun stores that are owned by any minorities? I don't see any gun stores in the hood(besides the pawn shops) where a minority can buy and register a gun. There are no gun ranges where minorities can go and practice how to shoot their gun. If the NRA found out that minorities were opening up gun shops in their neignborhood they would have a different take on gun laws.

What if? Murder by remote control

Suppose you and a few friends were meeting at a local fast food restaurant to talk about upcoming events and suddenly the entire building was engulfed in an explosion killing you, your friends and almost everyone in the place.

Now change the scenario, let’s say that the group meeting are drug dealers and their crew. Same thing happens except you and some other folks were standing at the counter to place your order when the explosion went off.

Banksters use mass media to create new All-American Debt Heroes!

We all know freedom of the press in America is pretty much shit. So, is it just me or for a Government controlled by financial interests is this article getting a bit blatant?! I reread it a couple of times but they never expressly stated “this is what the Washington/Wall Street Nexus expects you do!”.

Difference between Mr. Assange and Mr. Zuckerman

again, a picture says it all

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The Washington Post Reveals Cracks in Healthcare

Thom plus logo The sales pitch by so-called "moderate Democrats" and Republicans who take money from the insurance companies is that people "don't want to get kicked off their existing employer-provided health insurance plans." But workers don't make the choice of plans, their employers do.