January 2013

No Bail-Out for Boeing.

The new Boeing 787 is garbage and it is garbage because Boeing – not the Japanese Lithium battery manufacturer – is garbage.

Keystone East: Rally in Maine to protest tar sands oil from Montreal Pipeline!

The Keystone Pipeline is not the only tar sand pipeline coming out of Canada across American soil.



Don’t try philosophy at home kids - experts on closed course only…

Living life is like eating an onion; it stinks, makes you cry, and makes everything else taste better.

ALEC’s and CREEL’s death and destruction broadcasting is an obamanation.

Why does death, destruction and depletion defines who we are? These programs might help:

“American Loggers”, Discovery Channel (timber industry)

The Taking of Alaska and Hawaii

The 1984 Supreme Court Case Hawaii Housing Authority vs Midkiff came about as a result of the Hawaiian Land Reform Act of 6/24/1967. The Hawaiian Taking of Lands came about exactly 100 years from the 1867 Treaty ratified between Russia and the United States, for the Taking of Alaska.

Classic Obama Message on Gun Control: “something is wrong with you, if you’re not happy with me”

Apparently People who are not happy with what Obama is doing on Gun control are, according to highness, “not listening.” Because, as you see, hunting (even during a mass extinction, using a helicopter) and other gun activities are important “traditions.” (Upholding “tradition” - How’s that for “change?”)

Illusion & Rhetoric at the Histrionic Benghazi Hearings

It seems the more that is put out about the Benghazi attack, the less information there is; even the hearings were not fact-oriented. Instead the hearings about Benghazi were--

1/ political polarization rhetoric in a theater of the absurd which steers the public away from real issues;

Egypt rally, anti-abortion rally, Occupy event Monday

So there are several people who are either from Egypt or their families are or what not who have been organizers and activists in San Francisco and they called a rally today at 12pm. I headed down to where I thought it was being held but didn't see anyone except for a group of pro-choice demonstrators. I headed to the nearest Starbucks to hop on their wi-fi and got the correct location. As I was heading back I saw that a couple people were waving Eyptian flags.

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Here's what Republicans and billionaires really mean when they talk about 'freedom'

Thom plus logo America is having a heated debate about the meaning of the word socialism. We'd be better served if, instead, we were debating the meaning of freedom.