March 2013

Confiscation of US bank deposits

I came across this article and I am horrified. Does anyone know where this stands?

The Death of Promise...

No one writes it better than Tom Engelhardt: the plain truth. Maybe it’s time to put up a memorial to the death of a once promising nation, bow our heads for a minute of silence and then go on with the slaughter - the U.S. of CIA’s never ending war for wealth and power for the select few.

Dying Oceans: S California experiencing seal die off.

Who knows, may be the History Channel will make a fun reality TV show about?! The could call it “Macho Ignoramus Seal Starve” and could air it right after their new highly entertaining pilot that romanticizes the lives of ranchers who use razor wire to fish wolf pups out of their den! Oh those little furry rascals, the way they disembowel at the tug of the razor or otherwise snap their little necks being

what am I doing now ?

By the way, I have worked at federal, state and county government and those offices were all very efficient at using/maintaining inefficient systems (making them perform above tolerances). The slow transition to new mechanisms includes/involves susceptibility to deceit – see: L.A. court transition to cobbled together tech that cannot link ably with existing IT configurations.

Obama gleeful as Israel develops massive offshore deposit of dirty$$$ natural gas.

Gleeful for the American Oily oligarchs and contractors whose lobbyists made sure the deposits got exploited.

And, yes, the frigg'n Faukland Islands have exposed their bellys to dirty energy in order to exploit the fossil fuel deposits found there. Is Britain delighted?!

America and her allies are turning themselves over to the oil and gas industry.

“China to spend $16 billion to tackle Beijing pollution crisis”

negative externalities deflected on to the People's Commons have costs.....and the People should be expected to bear them, the corporations that produced the pollution should.

"Gun Envy!"

While listening to Thom today, It seemed appropirate to post this cartoon I drew today.

“France to tax companies 75% on $1.3M salaries”

We also need to declare "trade wars" not on other countries but Corporations

Chase Bank 628 Series


Kryder Trust 58070 and Kryder 1 Payer No. 27908 exist in the series of 909.0909090909091 iterations of Chase Bank FDIC Cert.# 628, aka 10,000/11 shares of the Kryder Company, Inc.


With Risk Architecture Software programmed to flag suspicious account activity, it can also be programmed to ignore number blocks in its own series. How hard is that?

AP: “Wis. Drops to 44th in private-sector job creation.”

Nothing going on in Wisconsin expect rampant environmental destruction to open-pit mine for OBAMA’s fracking sand.

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.