March 2013

Senators supporting Keystone took nearly $31 Million from Fossil Fuel Industry before Vote.

New analysis today from Oil Change International reveals that supporters of the just-passed non-binding Keystone XL pipeline amendment received 3.5 times more in campaign contributions from fossil fuel interests than those voting “no”. In total, researchers found that supporters took an average of $499,648 from the industry before voting for the pipeline, for a staggering total of $30,978,153.

WE Have Re-Established the Caliphate

If the Caliphate had existed as a strong and viable force, the infamous Balfour Declaration of 1917 would not have happened. If Muslims had had strong and viable institutions that parallel those of the Papacy and the Catholic Church, they would not have been ground under the heel of the oppressors in these latter centuries.

In 1920, Great Britain would not have been given a Mandate over Palestine.

Radio Station 1310 Detroit Area

The station has gone out of business. Thom, you should update your website. Does anyknow where I can listen via radio in the detroit/dearborn area?


Kevyn Orr Detroit’s Emergency Mgr and Jesse Ruiz of Chicago School Board are disgraces to their Communities.

Moneyed perpetrators putting front men in the media whose skin color matches the victims in an attempt to give the impression of empathy is cynical horseshit.

Meat Industry pushes bills to halt exposure of animal abuse

Profits from animal pain and torturous practices and breaking laws about animal treatment -- those must be SOME profits! Because now the Livestock Industry, with the help of ALEC, is making sure legislatures across the country are plied with bills to inhibit or outlaw whistleblowing and investigation of animal abuse practices and law-breaking by the Livestock and Poultry Industry.

If anything PROVES that this industry's executives operate from a torturer's mentality, it is this flurry of bills to protect their inhumane treatment of animals.

Sickos harassing birthing Seals a reflection of Obama’s diseased leadership on the environment.

Leadership makes a difference. What Obama does, says and doesn't say sends signals. And whether or not Obama likes it or not his “to hell with nature” attitude and policies is sending a sick message that is being reflected throughout American Society.

still trying

“Neighbor”, the President insists, is not only a geographical state but a moral condition. I assume that he has been making public “deposits” of sentiment (capital) – here and abroad - to pay forward (will purchase) public “goods” from which, I think, we will profit.

Around the world

Around the world dwr

Editorial: Legal pot: worth a try – Copenhagen Post

In a country that regulates the sale of over-the-counter painkillers, you’d have thought that a reasonable way to decriminalise the sale of cannabis would have long since been rolled out, perfected and exported to other cities grappling with the same topic. [...]

The Founders Created the Electoral College to Prevent a Foreign-Influenced Candidate From Winning - It Didn't Stop Trump, so Let's Scrap It

Thom plus logo It's time to take another step forward in fine-tuning our republic and abolish the Electoral College.

America's Founders and Framers thought they could use the Electoral College to prevent somebody like Donald Trump from ever becoming president. Unfortunately, they were wrong, and now we're paying the price.