May 2013

“We will die”: Dilma$$$ to go medieval on indigenous People occupying Bel Monte Dam.

Only three days after the reoccupation of the Belo Monte Dam began, the fate of 170 indigenous people is at stake. On Tuesday, the Federal Court in Altamira ordered them to leave by 4 pm yesterday or they would be removed by Federal Police. They responded by tearing up the order and refused to leave by the deadline. Instead, they are standing strong and are demanding that President Dilma’s Chief of Staff, Gilberto Carvalho, come meet with them.

Aw, Thom, I appreciate you, especially about pot.~the hartmann critic

You had some very sweet things to say about my girl friend Mary Jane today, and I just blogged to say I wrote you a nice, song and here it is

Beware the IRS is after you!

Many of the left claim that the IRS will not be part of the Health Care law. So why has their been a increase of 16,000 IRS agents and now collecting their huge sums and wonderful threats they offer us. (Its in the Health care law look it up!)

This link is to show an IRS Agent makes and it doesnt include their $15,000 extra for their health; dental and retirement package per year

Oh, my, republicans lie -or what Thom should have told you and didn't

Michelle, the evil white witch is not lying, she's trying to save your soul from the hell of those who would drag you down into the depraven snake pits of socialism, and COMMUNISM. Dear reader, it would help if you could hear these words in her voice, you know the one.

This is what the SOFTER, FUZZY FASCISM looks like

Embracing the Rich and furthering their anti-Union goals, Obama assures us he is looking out for the Middle Class?

Anyway, Penny Pritzker, who is soon to be Obama's Secretary of Commerce, is a clear example no amount of PR can 'rehabilitate' a corporate thief. Pritzker's CORPORATIST (SOFT FASCIST) intentions are just too, too strong



Pritzker's official biography on the Penny Pritzker web site, begins like this:

GOOD GOD: Obama appoints aide of GW Bush with Wall St ties as head of FBI.

A slap in the face to the People.

Men watching porn--today's show

Thom, Listening to your show today about 1630, CDT. Comments about men viewing porn, committing rape in the military, etc. Men who do this are usually lonely and feel powerless. Some will say, "If only women would love me, blah, blah, blah." I say it is NOT up to women. It is up to us men to befriend other men. Most of us are lonely. We respond to that in various ways--eating, TV, porn, compulsive sex (you name it). There are men in my men's group who could tell you stories about the company of men relieving thier pain of loneliness.

Human Decisions -- Human Responsibility

Friends, Everything, EVERYTHING, Every Thing starts with ONE HUMAN DECISION. What is yours?

What Thom doesn't want you to know about A.D.H.D., depression and P.T.S.D. The REAL manual on how to deal

You have ptsd and I'm going to tell you how to fix it. Sorry, it cannot be cured,

but it can be fixed. This information is the essential guide the doctors will not

tell you, Thom Hartmann and his great minds apparently do not know, and wouldn't

tell you anyway.

All depression is a result of some kind of trauma that is causing you to resign

yourself to a lesser position than you know you have a right not to be in.

Depression can be cured, and so can adhd. Manic depression is much like ptsd and

Why is Syria the locus for "evil"?

The concern over the presence of Al-Queda in Syria, via Al-Nusra, is not the central problem facing U.S. foreign policy makers. The presence of these fighters has been tolerated even though the presence of any foreign fighters on Syrian soil has not been a goal of the armed revolt against Assad's rule.

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Trump - Dumb Luck or A Master Manipulator?

Thom plus logo Either it's an act of a master manipulator, or he has the best luck there is. Donald Trump wanted the Fed to lower interest rates, knowing that that would provide a solid and multi-year boost to the economy. But when Trump came into office, rates were already low and the Fed was not inclined to help.