May 2013

Walker proving that economic model of deregulation, privatization and assistance to business owners doesn’t work.

Now if we could just get Obama to believe in it! It is "trickle-up or bust".

American’s two party system of Democrats and Republicans is a cancer on the 99%.

Cheney’s Haliburton$$$ is behind Obama making America the next OPEC and the Fracking craze.

We are exceeding 400 ppm in atmospheric C02. We have effectively destroyed civilization as we know it.

Prayer for America

How can people pillage


in the name of the LORD?

Awesome Holy Host Whose Name I Do Not Know

Will you suffer wounded souls to heal...

Can you forgive our trespass...?

Inspire our vision -- Please

Dispel this ignorance -- Wisdom

Endow our hearts with Compassion

Empower our lives with Truth...

Hallowed Breath of Life

Embrace your child who wanders

still lost -- at such cost...

Secure this vessel -- Inspire her song

Weather tracking weakens as storms grow stronger

What a coincidence.

Just as America needs MORE early warning capability for these big storms, the weather monitoring capability of the nation is fizzling.

Anybody care to ask, 'Why?'



“Sequester Guts Wildfire Prevention, Sets Up Bigger Blazes..and leaves locals to pick up the tab.”

Creating a set of circumstances where the locals pick up most if not all of the tab for natural disasters is the new unstated Policy of the Washington/Wall St Nexus that is in control of the Peoples’ White House, Senate and Congress.

"Dissent Is Treason" in USA's war to extend slavery --1846

The war-mongering imperialist president who is the model for all our subsequent versions was President James Polk.

Not only did he choose to fake a cause for his war, he also made clear the seized territory was being taken to expand slavery.

And not only did he pursue the extension of slavery, he did so hoping to expand slavery to those conquered -- an attitude that transferred into atrocities in Polk's war -- the U.S.-Mexican War.

Videos of Seattle Protest/March 2013 Against GMO

I just started a petition on the White House petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it?

WI: Risser’s lauding Chris Taylor’s assimilation of the cancer is disappointing.

Mind you this is Wisconsin we are talking about:

“She [Chris Taylor]” was recently named co-chair of the Assembly Democratic Campaign [$$$] Committee charged with recruiting candidates and raising money [$$$].”


I remind myself that the purpose of “terrorism” is to make us too angry with or afraid of each other to cooperate (peaceful concordance) – whether by loathing of undocumented workers, spite of political rivals or hatred of ideological opponents. The terrorist’s method (not the war) is criminal and indiscriminate (like murder).

HELP! Corporations and the Rich are pillaging my State and Obama doesn’t Care!!

And they are “raping” Labor as well.

America's two party system of democrats and republicans is a cancer on American Society

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Why Did Cadet Bone Spurs Go to the Hospital?

Thom plus logo Not many people are buying Trump's story that he just kind of on a whim, decided to go visit Walter Reed Hospital in a motorcade without even first calling his doctor because he thought it would be a good time to start his February annual check up.

The two most prominent theories right now are that