June 2013

democrats are so stupid

Obama to allow fracking industry to binge on ALL public lands.

This from the Natural Resource Defense Council:

WARNING: Obama ups the feed of dubious economic sunshine to the Press.

If religion is opium for the masses, Obama has found out that yammering garbage about the country into a woefully consolidated domestic media is a good substitute. But it is the same as deconcentrating the nation’s wealth, our primary malaise. Obama is desperate to manipulate the 99% into spending like all is well. That desperation should scare you.

No $$$ for schools, but plenty for prisons

Chicago and Philadelphia speed up the School-to-Prison-Pipeline--


Esther Williams: Not 'just' a pretty everything, as the obits might suggest

I read this Associated Press obituary of the recently deceased Esther Williams, wondering how it would deal with the revelations in her 1999 autobiography. It didn't.

Some facts you might not get in the obituaries about this special woman:

o Esther Williams won three gold medals in swimming which would have taken her to the Olympics if WWII hadn't cancelled the events. (This is barely covered in the AP obituary at the link below)

Like Minds: Technicians of Eugenics and of GMOs

Eugenists and Genetic Engineers are of LIKE MINDS. (I even wonder if they might be one and the same.)

At its high point eugenics intended to make the perfect human seen in the imaginations of its technicians -- by removing all aspects in the human the Eugenists decided did not belong in the human species. Thus, the Eugenist sought to remove the HUMAN DIVERSITY which did not serve his end -- and in our culture, that was the all HUMAN DIVERSITY that was not the favored White European.

The more the US exports it’s cheap dirty energy, the more other countries will prosper and the more their prosperity will drive up prices at the pump in the US.

Put that in your fracking coal pipe and smoke it!

Circular profit. And all the while the People’s Commons will suffer and the more these other countries’ will compete with US labor.

so hartmann isn't criminally insane?

we'll see


y'see, no i know its hard for you to connect the dots, capitalism denies anything that would save money for the buyer, who's not a capitalist, but can't do anything about the situation. Lets take using compressed air for storage instead of lead acid batteries, well the Koch Brothers can't have that, next you'll be wanting to run transport on evaporating dry ice. so hartmann would be stepping out of line with the capitalist motto:

Capitalist motto:

1. All hail the bottom line.

2. Nice guys finish last

oh my look at the spies

they are spying, oh my holy Jesus, and this is news?, the flea is getting so worked up, he has had to fire up the bong just to keep from leaping over tall futons in a single bound. He's always resisted watching the sitcoms, but now hartmann worried CIA has microphone emplanted in his left testicle while he slept, so they can spy on the comings and going of his sexual trists, this is very important data, and will be needed for later processing of citizen hart-mann79737029092740830987oiouifufB-9's profile.

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The Kavanaugh Scandal Goes Beyond Sex & Must Be Investigated

Thom plus logo While all the attention on the possibility of impeaching justice beer bong Kavanaugh is focused on his alleged sexual behavior, the real scandal is that the Republicans refused to release years of paperwork on his participation, when he was inside the Bush administration, with regard to torture and other war crimes.