June 2013

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Don Rice shared My Favorite Gun's photo.
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Critical Memorandum to All American Patriots
Watch This Video Immediately Otherwise You’ll Hate Yourself Later
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Gerald Faver Yeah, he really makes Rove and Bush look like idiots, oh, that's right, how soon we forget
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Don Rice Rove, Bush and Cheney were terrible. But this guy makes them look like great Americans.
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Rotator Cuff

Hey, Thom and Louise! If your gym has a pool, get in it.....if not, find one. I am 65 next month and I go to a pool at least twice a week for lower back muscle strengthening exercises that I absolutely cannot do dry because of pain. I also have torn my rotator cuff two times in the last five years and my ortho surgeon said I definitely need surgery. I found four aqua rotator cuff exercises that I include in my pool program using a paddle for even more resistance. Haven't seen the ortho for a couple of years and my cuff is just fine, thank you!

Why indeed? The flea provides an answer


You are number six…

On the TV series “The Prisoner”, there was always a ‘new number two’ (as with the psychological prison-island of fear where Al Quaeda bars escape).

HAHA! the flea slams Rove and Hannity on facebook tonight :-)

Yeah ok fry him,


Yes, Brother Hartmann, there is a conspiracy, not just a theory, (drum roll please), will the gentleman bring the congressional wreckord to the floor: Let's see, (adjusting spectacles), republican and teaparty in lockstep voting, conspiring, not a theory, emperical data, proof. Karl Rove's style is to hire some nasty mouthed writers who will deride, ridicule and harrass anyone who tries to connect the dots I think you're growing a pair on this subject, and I'd like to be the first to congratulate you. :-)

what you really missed, Thomm

an old painter once told me "religion is like paint, people getting stirred up about things they have no idea what they are talking about".

57 channels...

Thom saying "why don't we do this?, Why don't we do that?", flea asks "who you kidding, Thom?", flea hopping mad because hartmann keeping those stupid pills under his desk, won't admit rich people don't give a rats patootie about you, they hope your teeth rot out, because thats more money for them. Now that's clear, since you don't have time to watch hartmann if you are on minimum wage, his words are not reaching your ears, who is he trying to kid? you're not going to vote, you have too many other pressing issues. hartmann needs a rewrite.

truth justice and the american way

how many times you heard you know who use this non-sequitor? the american way, since 1492: rape, pillage, destroy cultures and heritages, who cares, screw 'em, they were in the way of our manfest destiny. we pretend capitalism isn't this insatiable monster we can't control, it controls us, demanding slavish attention to the bottom line, ignore all else, the ultimate form of total insanity. well, I'm sure I convinced you hahahahahah

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.