June 2013

a story about queekdraw mchartmann

flea notices hartmann sometimes draw his gun too quick. flea guesses when futuremann called in on your take my take, hartmann (apparently (between the lines)) thinks flea is card carrying nazi nra bastard who thinks Obama slow roasts white babies over coals until just right and then eats them. Well, flea wants to straighten him out on that point, flea has it on fairly good authority Obama likes his meat dark, and flash cooked by drone and blown a half a mile away from the other parts of said meat source.

Who's the "enemy" in the "aiding the enemy" charge against Bradley Manning? [Updating...]

Here is the UNSPOKEN BASIS of the Military Prosecution's viewpoint that Manning "aiding the enemy":

TODAY the USA Military uses the MEDIA as a weapon against both We The People and our enemies real and imagined.

For example, Obama has continued the program Bush started where the government pays military/government frontmen to pretend they are independent experts/commentators on news shows. No disclosure there that a special information conduit from the halls of the Pentagon is shaping your perception .

Hell, Fire up that Joint, Thom!

hello, cave boy sitting in for flea today, flea lives in caveys short and curlies, fleas feelings hurt because cave boy's uncle Don, the mathematician pointed out the fact that flea has spelchik turned off, and is not such an excellent speler when in the throes of passionate bloging. So cavey, worse, and has larger huevos than flea, and he figures message more important than remembering i before e except after c, and a few other exceptions, cavey not sure what importance this has except to require extra brain work not needed, context always reveal answer, not spelling of werds.

Transparent Obama administration using network of secret emails to skirt federal records law.



Misogynist assault should be the term for attacks on women

'Sexual assault' sounds like women and girls = sex.

Women and girls are not sex. Women and girls are women and girls.

Maybe the corporate cinema has convinced adolescent males that sex=females. Maybe advertisers have done the same, all in order to sell products to men.

But it is not so. Females are not the same thing as sex.

Which brings me to the Global Corporate Culture's attitude toward sex in general:

Thanks, Nigel :-)

Thanks Nigel for everything, and I hope you become a millionaire, that is if it'll make you happy :-)

How to tell if you could become an millionaire ~futuremann on behalf of the flea

Jake Porway datakind on fb has not friended me yet, never mind this is his idea:

First of all, if you are good at puzzles, this might indicate you have a high IQ, which according to Porway, ths is very exciting news. Unfortuantely the flea doesn't seem to be too good at these puzzles, but the flea knows Jesus said "seek, and you'll find, knock and the door will open, ask, and whatever you want will be given..."

Porway says recent data shows you will earn $616 per year for every i.q. point you have over 100.

Thanks to Thoms friendly webmaster from the hopping mad flea

The flea gets really angry sometimes and his language gets borderline colorful, and he's really thankful that Hartmann puts up with him. He would like to see some intellegent responses on the blog, hint hint, He knows deep down Hartmann wants to be a tree hugger like the flea, but he's got this program that's making famous, the flea understands. If the flea were in his position, aw hell who is the flea kidding, he'd move to Alaska and grow weed :-) and fly back to Texas just to rub it in

Bradley Manning true American Patriot

we scientific evidence, ghosts on tapes, evp's, we know there is some sort of afterlife, you don't have to believe in God, or Vishnu, you will be on the other side someday, and Bradley Manning will go right on in to heaven, and Anton Scalia will be hanging around the gate looking wistfully, wondering why that menacing looking angel hasn't passed the message to good ole St. Peter to let him on in, Long Dong Thomas is about to stick something up Scalia's skirt, Scalia brushing it away with his hand, Thomas knows he's going to hell..

I can only joke about this subject

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.