July 2013

Inspection- Killing Mosquitoes

3am and an annoying buzz fills the ear. My hearing is good enough: directional enough, that with a quick swat I can feel that satisfying squish.
  Eating my big meal of the day: lunch, in Beaver River, I usually watch a DVD. I miss the buzz, but feel the sharp pain of the anti-coagulants being injected into my arm. I tighten my muscles, look at the offending insect, and slowly push down on the now stuck in muscle mosquito with a crushing crunch.
  Is there something wrong with me? OK, ask my brother, or my wife, and you might get some laundry list of real, semi-real and imagined faults... but I mean "because I love to kill mosquitoes?"
  Trayvon Martin is a mosquito.

Bohemian Grove: Private jets zoom in the Rich Men and their Bagmen to again plan our future

Yes, the Bohemian Grove MAN DATES are happening for a couple weeks and, as usual, their spokesman repeats the claim that this male enclave of the Rich and Powerful is just an opportunity to have 'fun'. Well, isn't that how these Men In Suits have fun? Planning our future with their ties off? Sheesh. Only the naive can believe what that spokesman says EVERY year ad nauseum.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD NO!!!: Larry Summers to replace Bernanke!?

You've got to be kidding me! Wasn't Penny Pritzker enough of an abortion of the public interest? Now you've got to dig up the sleaziest most entrenched bankster known to man kind and stick him where Bernanke used to sit?!?!

Larry Summers is in ever book on monied corruption and financial stupidity ever published - and there has been a lot!



Hillary is the darling of the Washington/Wall Street Nexus.

Guns are ok. Tampons?????? Not so much

I'm not sure if this has already been posted or not, so I apologize if it has. I just saw this article which appears to be true and it is really really ugly. It is talking about how women in Texas are allowed to carry a gun into the courtroom but not Tampons or Sanitary Napkins.


Kristina O

DOING involved deciding...

Constructive Criticism?

This could be Replicated - Liberals Could Dominate PD Gun Auctions

http://rootriversiren.blogspot.com/2013/07/racine-liberals-are-buying-guns-gun.html?spref=twFriday, July 12, 2013

Racine Liberals Are Buying Guns - Gun Nuts Go Crazy

The Ugly GOP Don't Care If Children Go Hungry


Please sign this petition to force them to care:

Feeding America Petition to Congress

"Gasland Part II": The Fracking Empire Strikes Back

Democrats and Republicans are a cancer on the 99%. Vote for a third party and get at least harry reid, Wall Streets Charles Schummer out of Washington.


Journal of “Science”: Fracking causes earthquake swarms and increases quake strength.

Not that anything will be done about it because the Democrats$$$ are getting money from the fracking industry….


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