July 2013

Minister./Massage Therapist 30 Yrs.

Here in gratitude and service. Living a happy, useful and gentle life and appreciate all that I have and everyone I know!

I see what we need now

a constitutional amendment to create the ministry of truth, there is just too much false information, the ministry will be over all agencies, and will investigate them thoroghly, we hope that Senator Saxby Chambliss will head the ministry, and Diane Feinstien and Ted Cruz help him run it until we get the bottom of things, and perhaps with a little help from John McCain, we'll get it all sorted out. A goto meeting will be runing at all times to Mr Holder's office. Well, we'll work out the details, and then we'll get this country back on track!

The Face Of Poverty In America

The biggest observations about how people react to poverty came from watching how my relatives behaved once I told them I have been homeless for several years. Once I learned to expect other people's assumptions and judgmental attitudes, I began to see that this is a common reaction to poverty that comes from living in a society that attaches its worth to ideas of wealth.

The Long Island Railroad Disability Scam

Finally, maybe a start to fixing this scam that has been going on for dozens of years. Hopefully jail time for all those involved.

600 Long Island Rail Road Retirees to Lose Disability Pay in U.S. Inquiry


Wiener’s wiener and Lewinsky’s cigar: don’t be doing that shit at work being paid for by the People.

Beyond which I don’t think Wiener handled it all that well.


THe data suggests we're doomed if we don't struggle against the reality that everything is determined, else where would we get that all to important reason to live? How would it feel to be a black teenager in a white neighborhood in Florida now? Like it was as George said, just part of God's plan? Sure looks like everything is determined these days, don't it? I promise you, I'll kiss your whatever if the next president doesn't turn out to be just another sellout, so should you vote? Hell, let's ask Trayvon. Crickets..I'm tired of struggling.

The invisible cult how to see them

"You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.
The prime law is to make government so ineffectual as to allow business to run the planet, the road is to choke government by cutting off money to it. Now I could segway into a rant, y'remember Al Capone? We see (personally) a direct correlation to Romney getting to offshore his money in order to..ah forget it

John McCain Sells Out on Stand Your Ground

In a recent interview with CNN, Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona said that he agreed with President Obama’s

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Democracy Itself Is on Trial

Thom plus logo While Donald Trump is on trial in the Senate impeachment hearings, many commentators are pointing out that the Senate is also at trial. Few, however, are pointing out that the fare and future of our country may will also be decided by this trial.