October 2013

Understanding the Federal Budget.

Please Mr. Hartmann spend some time with the subject of the Federal Budget. People know SO little about it. Numbers are thrown around like candy and are just as empty of facts as nutrition. We need to understand this most basic area of what makes our government run. Both sides of the debate, and I am very progressive, don't have the "water cooler" facts or the time to educate ourselves. We need to have Robert Reich, Dean Baker, Dr.

What is going on?

I heard Wendell Potter say that Medicare Advantage was going to have major changes - either dropped or costing a lot more. Then he went on about Medicare Supplement. He made a lot of people nervous for nothing. I called Humana handling my Medicare, and they said nothing has changed for me. My policy is in place for 2014, and there is no increase in the premium. My co-pay for a specialist will be $50 instead of $45. That's it.

Some expert. He was wrong and just caused trouble.

ObamaCare was passed by the President lying to the People.

Lie of omission regarding cancellations.


Publicizing the fact that the rich blacks are being used by rich whites is what? alarming? now we need to watch on your show a pissing match between the upper classe races. Hartman, you have lost your judgement of class inequality. Better to have spent 15 seconds on this story and 5 minutes on how police districts in major cities are either arresting blacks/hispanics for crimes never committed or burying paperwork on actual criminals.

President can say anything he wants with out being charged with a crime.

During the recent shutdown. The president of the USA claimed the TEA PARTY is holding the American people hostage. that sounds like a criminal accusation.

The president allso called the TEA PARTY terrorists. all on the tv and radio.

If this was myself or any other citizen in the USA we would have been arrested or sued for false accusation. so how does the barack obama get away with making false accusations against the people of the USA.

Gov. Siegelman, An Innocent Democrat, Is Still In Prison.......Can Thom Help Get Him Released?

On August 28, 2013, former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman asked for a new trial on his 2006 bribery conviction, arguing that the case was tainted by the involvement of a prosecutor with ties to GOP politics...His lawyers contended that a federal judge erred at Siegelman's sentencing and wrongly held the politician accountable for acquitted conduct.

Sent to Hunter School

To Hunter School:

We just returned from Bioneers Conference of CentralCoast California and watched a Plenary talk by Jason McLennon on "Living Buildings" If you learn of him and about them you may be able to have him work with you to "Re-make" your buildings fully self sustaining. Sue and I are retired and recently sent what we could to you through Thom's (and Louise's) request. Give Jason a look and other Living Building designers to donate designs.

Best regards,
bill and sue smiley

Why do white men hate women

And why do white men want to get control over women's uteri?

This "White Male Republican"* trend of trying to demean, relegate & control women is my greatest concern of the last 2 years.

Here's what Republicans and billionaires really mean when they talk about 'freedom'

Thom plus logo America is having a heated debate about the meaning of the word socialism. We'd be better served if, instead, we were debating the meaning of freedom.