October 2013

Senators choose to keep USA torture policy findings a secret

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence voted to keep their torture investigation results a secret. The USA executive branch doesn't have to worry about the legislators using any checks and balances on the immoral, unethical, inhumane, counter-productive, heinous Executive Branch INQUISITION-STYLE policies of disappearing (so-called 'rendition') and torture (so-called 'enhanced interrogation').


Increase of homeless students in U.S. schools

Does 1.2 million sound like a lot of school-age kids to you?

That's the number of homeless kids who struggle to continue to learn in our schools despite the many physical, emotional, and material challenges they face due to homelessness and poverty.

The number of homeless kids in schools has increased 10 to 50 percent depending on the area according to information in link below.

“Tar sands trains are derailing and EXPLODING.”

This from CREDO:

Tell the Dept. of Transportation: Protect communities from dangerous oil trains

Red alert at 504, evaluate Stardust 3_Ignition Test

Monday, October 28, 2013

Did NSA spying program play a role in Wall St’s takeover of Greece?

NSA spying would seem to be an obvious extension of the IMF and World Bank dealings, especially to the extent it would benefit monied special interests.

QE is the Economy’s biggest threat.

Set aside your partisanship long enough to just once listen to what David Stockman is saying.


GMOs=Ideologically Driven Technology of the Patriarchal System

The genetic and eugenic technologies that seek to CONTROL Life, MANIPULATE Life and even CREATE Life are pure expressions of the ideological mindset of the Patriarchy now ruling the Earth. Those ensconced in the Patriarchal Ideology seek to prove that the males in the competition-replete Patriachcal System can now finally dominate not only women but also Nature itself and all procreation through their new scientific technologies of genetic manipulation.

Wall St: The future has never looked brighter for fossil fuels.

Don’t Listen to Al Gore, Buy an Energy Stock Instead”

Why Dennis Prager is demonstrably wrong about "values"...


Brain science and sciology can empirically show that values, personality, attitude, outlook, and other bhehaviors traditionally linked to values and morality are shaped from without (and less so from within).

Mary Burke for Wisconsin Governor: No Promise Strategy?

Many Progressives are less than enthused about Mike Tate’s early endorsement of Mary Burke, as many of them believe that we need to let the primary process run its course.

Organized Money Is Dangerous To Democracy

The question that is constantly being asked, particularly on the talking heads on television, is "what do the Democrats have to do to regain political power?" What does it take?