December 2013

The Medical Marijuana Scam

As your doctor, I need to provide you with informed consent about that medicine you asked for. First, it isn't approved by the FDA. The scientific studies are just not there. Twelve double blind studies on humans showed a positive effect, but the number of patients used in these studies are rather low, usually less than fifty. Ten double blind studies on humans were equivocal or showed a negative effect. Of the other human studies, 25 were positive and 54 were equivocal or negative. Also, no one can determine the actual dose of medicine you get.&nbsp

Fracking: Natural Gas is just as damaging as Coal and Oil except the pollution stream is different.

as NPR would say "Think about it"

o not again...

A More Compassionate Government

December 9

A More Compassionate Government

The following is edited from a chat between Ria Zsigmond and myself which discusses empathy and compassion in government in light of some research on the topic.


I am interested in the connections between empathy, compassion and politics, as you know, Ria. There is actually a lot of interesting research on the topic already. I am sure it irks conservatives -- another reason for them to hate science, I guess.


Change In The Weather

JP Morgan Chase caught violating Foreign Corrupt Practices Act but DOJ won’t do jack shit.

laws are for the poor

Strengthen our Safety Net to Strengthen our Economy

Congress has missed their first deadline in the budget negotiations that were constructed after the government shutdown. Paul Ryan and Pat Murray are co-chairing the committee, and Ryan is peddling his usual cuts to entitlement programs. Republicans persistently talk about cutting entitlement benefits under the guise of cutting the deficit and encouraging people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. That mentality might wor

The possible Truth might come out again!

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Part 1 - Is Economic Disaster About to Hit & Are You Prepared?

Thom plus logo Right now the United States and the world are facing four massive trends that, in combination, we haven't faced since the 1920s. We are seeing the rise of a new and brutal form of governance with extraordinary industrial capacity and power in China, much as Nazi Germany rose in Europe.