December 2013

Legalized Bigotry? ”Wisconsin makes it harder to challenge race-based school mascots”

Times Change

'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the home,
Not a sound could be heard except the hum of a drone.

The doors were all locked with their latches in place,
In hopes that a thief couldn't enter our space.

The children were bundled all snug in their beds,
With visions of Ipods awhirl in their heads.

Then suddenly, I heard such a crash,
I ran down the stairs with a mad dash.

CREDO: Budget Deal a big win for Republicans and 1%

Once again the Democrats have failed to protect the People:

Which Right-Wing Radio Host did Thom have dinner with...

while Ellen Ratner was present?

Thom, I'm really dissapointed in you! Are you consorting with the enemy?

Cooperative for sustainable energy

Greedy people need not apply.

By “Wooing Wall Street, Hillary [Clinton] dares [Elizabeth] Warren to run in ‘16”

Yet again Wall Street money will determine who our next President will be and it looks like its going to that piece of human filth; the consummate banksterette; the darling of the Washington/Wall st Nexus; the toast of Gilded Washington and the rest of the Ritz Carlton Democrats the one... and only... Hillary Clinton!

Deceived: Judge rules constitutional scholar Barac Obama’s NSA program likely to be unconstitutional.

Vote Diane Fienstien out of office. Time to retire Diane - beat it!, hit the road!, go fly a kite!, go pound sand!

A federal judge ruled yesterday that the National Security Administration's dragnet collecting information on nearly all U.S. telephone calls is likely unconstitutional. But meanwhile in Congress, our representatives are moving to consolidate the NSA's power to spy on Americans without a warrant.

How to Wipe Out Federal Debt and Reset the Economy

Our government does not need to borrow money. The Constitution gives it the power to create the money supply.

Right now that power is in the hands of the Fed, and they allow the banks to make a big profit from it. It doesn't have to be this way. The federal government does not have to borrow money because it has the power to create it.

a few liberal policies that failed

Do you know that Car dealerships are seeking waiting on the money they were surpose to get from the Government from the cash for clunkers program and the worst one is where the city gives gift cards out if you bring in your hand gun or weapon. Here most of them don’t work at all. One guy in Chicago traded in 10 hand guns and got 10 gift cards which added up to $750 and he brought drugs.

Many People Want a Decent Job, Not Compassion

Americans are an independent lot, contrary to what right wing reactionaries may say. Most people want a good-paying job. Clearly, in our increasingly service sector economy, many people have been routed into hourly wage jobs which do not provide enough income to live on. One study going back several years found that in order to rent an apartment and to be able to live there adequately with some degree of financially security, a person would have to an income of $20,000. That was several years ago, and since then, costs have increased signficantly in many areas.

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Felicity Huffman's $15,000 is chump change - America's biggest bribery scandal is a whole lot worse

Thom plus logo The American media world-both social media and "news" media-is afire with the news that actor Felicity Huffman is going to jail for spending $15,000 to bribe her daughter's way into co